Day Eight

Fueled by caffeine and Emergen-C.

Bikram yoga was amazing as usual. I really feel a connection with my body and some pleasant side-effects have emerged. My body image has improved. Yesterday in class I was kinda feeling a bit insecure compared to some of the other skinnier chicks to the side of me. This has been a common problem of mine, even with the weight loss, I have been Goldilocks-ing myself into some serious insecurity. I can’t just believe that my body as it shrinks (namely my booty and boobies) is “just right” by my, ahem society’s, standards. That really sucks, too. Becoming more focused with my body and how it performs in certain asanas such as reverse table top, and bridge poses really sweat away any doubt I had brought about by my fake inadequacies.

Less impressed with the Wood 60 class than I am with the Fire. The Wood class was more Pilates based, which I suppose is good, but the temperature was not as hot and the focus was on the smaller muscle groups, where I am more about the explosive movements in Fire. I am looking toward doing the other classes, just have to balance my schedule of other classes with work. Neither the Wood nor the Fire classes had what I would consider inversion poses, which I have read are super awesome. William Broad would disagree, but with anything, don’t be an idiot. You can be injured driving a car, if you are careless, should you swear off driving, probably not. My yoga experience today was unfortunately punctuated by a talking-to by my instructor. After not being able to shower yesterday after class (both people were occupying the two showers), in the final corpse pose, I left early to dibs on the shower.  Well, I suppose that is bad yoga etiquette, and I should have just stayed. Ironically enough, no one needed the shower today in the morning class. So, I guess I will either have to find a way to not shower (ew), or avoid the lunch time classes from now on.

Yoga faux pas aside, the FitBit has really been a walking motivator, and a review will be posted soon once I get a good week of usage. Due to a bad mood and hunger, I missed the dance class yesterday, but the 10k steps and 10 floors made up for it.  This morning also had to miss classes, due to carpooling, so I walked around my apartment complex a bajillion times so that I would make the 5 mile/10k mark. In addition to that, so to not forget my precious strength training, I did a BR, and I even got my scores:

1) 5 Squats 10 High Knees (no weight) [4,3,4]

2) Exploding Push Up (no Ugi ball) [24, 21, 15]

3) 5 Switch Lunges 2 around the world (no equipment) [5, 5, 5]

4) Plank Jump Overs [15, 12, 19]

Here is the workout:

As noted, I don’t have the stuff they use, but it was an intense workout regardless. Well, hopefully I will have some more amazing insights tomorrow and forever, Stay Sweaty!

5 thoughts on “Day Eight

  1. If you are comparing yourself to people like the woman in the above workout – then no wonder you feel insecure. I don’t mean to offend anyone – but this woman looks seriously skinny – although she has muscles – rather emaciated – don’t you think?

    • She is lean, but I don’t think she could be able to do the workouts she was demonstrating if she didn’t have some muscles to back it up with. I think I have 15-20 pounds on her, though!

      • Yeah, I do know what you mean… I’m now quite accepting of myself – although my boobs could be a little bigger and my abs could be a little tighter etc etc etc… : )
        But glad your working on it – it’s a waste of your time to be insecure…

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