Day Eleven

Today is technically an active recovery day, but I feel a bit unfaithful to my FitBit for leaving it at home yesterday and not tracking. So, just to explain my awesome mood yesterday, and I can’t help but feel materialistic for being so damn happy about this, but it was xmas in July on Thursday night. My boyfriend decided to spoil me and get me an iPad for my birthday! Seriously, that is the nicest present any boyfriend has ever gotten me, so I am incredibly grateful for it. Today was a Fire 60 day, and possibly nothing else but cleaning as I am super exhausted. (just make some damn coffee already) Slowly unwinding and  pulling the thoughts out of my brain and to the screen. The creative process is quite fun even if you are forcing yourself to do it.

Also,  this week, I received It Starts With Food and so far it has been a good read. Just past the “science-y” chapters and it looks like the authors have really researched the topics. What I like best about the information is that even if you didn’t feel like reading all the stuff about leaky gut syndrome or the structure of a grain, you can just peruse the chapters and the read the bullet points in the back. I am not really sure that I understand a lot of it, but the stuff about sugar makes sense, as much I do not want to give up my precious artificial sweeteners, even stevia! I guess the rational is that you don’t eat stevia in natural without it having to be processed to hell and back. I will have to adjust to this lack of sweet taste, as I put that in my coffee with half-and-half every morning. No more to either of those on the Whole30 program.

I know, I know I said, no gimmicky diets, but from all the stuff I have read it really it is intended to be more of a lifestyle change. Honestly, I have no problems giving up lentils and rice, as cheap as they may be, they require so much salt to taste good, it isn’t worth having as a food choice, in my opinion. I know I will miss my cheese and yogurt, but I am giving myself a few days to enjoy them. So far, in this book I am at the point where the authors are dispelling current assumptions regarding cholesterol and animal protein, which basically is a slap in the face to the documentary Forks Over Knives, but I have not committed myself to any lifestyle change yet, just seeing what makes me feel better.

Though I can’t really count it (most of it was water weight) the scale read 119.8, today. Just 9 more pounds until hot 18 year old weight, too bad I am not a hot 18 year old. Oh, stop it. Okay, so it is hard when you have been pretty negative for 15 or so years to quit saying silly things like that. Looking stronger, always sweaty.


5 thoughts on “Day Eleven

  1. Awesome! I’m 5’5 and a half and currently weigh 130 but would love to be between 120-125. My whole family is small and I have “good genes” but I’m tired of being the heaviest one! Haha

      • That’s okay! I understand completely, it’s frustrating. I’m 130 on a good day but now am probably a couple pounds over that. It’s the stupid holiday treats! 🙂 best of luck if you do a whole30 in January!

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