Day Fifteen

Still calibrating to the lack of sleep on Tuesday. It is amazing that I used to consistently live my life like this, in a constantly sleep deprived state. Today is day one. Armed to slay the “sugar dragon” as the authors would put it with my vegetables and protein, probably have a lot more fruit than I should but that is good sugar, not the crappy kind that comes in a packet, or worse chemically deprived. Very proud of myself for opting mostly with organic stuff when it came to berries. Also, the meat I selected was grass-fed and the chicken was labeled free range. Yes, the ethical naysayers would mention that this still means that the chickens would still have  their beaks seared and the cows would still be treated improperly, but I would like to think that the the chickens and cows are on a farm somewhere hanging out instead of trapped some dark metal cage living out their existence in their own feces. The bill came out to be around $81, and that included some shared meals such as breakfast and dinner, so really not bad at all in terms of cost. One of the more shocking things I realized is how much label reading you really have to do. My options for canned meat were limited because of the soy ingredients, and et tu taco seasoning? Yep, dextrose and starch. Anything with an -ose (with the obvious exception of fructose found in fruit) is going to be off-limits, so I am getting used to the idea of spending a lot more time in the grocery store, carefully inspecting the labels for sneaky ingredients.

Both of the pans this morning were dirty, so I had to settle for eating a bit of blackberries for breakfast. I am not happy at all about the black coffee situation. I know they said no substituting non-w30 food with approved foods, but this is not really a treat but a necessity. You wouldn’t like me when I am not-caffeinated. No, I don’t turn hot pink and smash cars, but it is pretty awful and bitchy when I don’t eat enough or have my coffee.  Signed up for the official Whole 30 worksheet,  and the task was focusing on three of the nine goals in the whole9 program, and because I am such an over-achiever, and without jinxing by telling you my goals, I focused on the nutritional, sleep, movement, and  stress relief components, so that really helped me in getting prepared. I know that in order for this to work, however, that I really am going to have to get more organized. I tried Monday night, but things went a bit haywire with the bf, but he seems to be on board with this challenge, and that is really important as they say to have that support from your family. Anyway, no interesting fitness news except the DOMS I have been experiencing, I guess that is a good thing? Hulk hungry!

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