Day Sixteen

Day two, finished the first day with a few nutritional hiccups but otherwise pretty compliant. As mentioned, the hunger in the morning from not having enough protein was pretty awful, so I had to eat some cashews from the office. Unfortunately, I realized that they were cooked in peanut oil, so those are now verboten. Dinner was the star of the show with ground turkey and a stir fry mix of broccoli, carrots, onion, green beans and peppers. As a bonus, I added a couple off eggs with the mix, and shared the feast with my boyfriend. Here was the work in progress:


Stress is mostly due to money issues, but who doesn’t have those? Just have to get my big girl pants on and deal with them. Too long of a break for my yoga, the meditative component I really think is helpful just to counterbalance any negative stress hormones from accidentally over-exercising. Probably did a bit of that, but it was mostly just walking at a slow pace while reading articles, listening to music, and watching the Olympics. Tried to get to 20,000 steps but maxed at around 17k. According to the fitbit, still considered “lightly active”, but probably because of the day I left it at home last weeks, but hopefully the numbers will be more favorable this week.

I guess my journey is inspiring my boyfriend to take a healthier lifestyle, because he actually bought some nicotine patches, and whether or not that actually is the case, I am glad of it. In complainy news, I can’t stand the taste of black coffee. I have tried good coffee, French press, and restaurant. Desperately needing some coconut based creamer, can deal with the lack of sweet but not with the acidity! Good sleep last night and I feel pretty energized about day two go the whole30.

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