Day Eighteen

Going strong into my w30 plan. I feel that I may not be as insulin resistant as I thought mainly because the cravings, while intense, are not unmanageable. Also keeping the sugar in check, by burning off the fruit with kickboxing class. More connections are being made between the different activities I have been involved, for example in today’s side-kicking, I realized I could get deeper into the kick by shifting my torso more parallel to the ground. This was something I learned in yoga with the standing bow pose. Not to but totally am but not really caring that I sound like a hippy, but it really is all integrative. Maybe it is a paradigm shift, but probably not, conventional wisdom says we should eat right and exercise and I am doing just that. Of course, CW says eat grains and legumes but I am skipping that. Fooooood:


Canned salmon: looks nasty, smells worse, but doesn’t taste bad. Not thrilled about the crunchy cartilage that’s apparently edible, but as long as I don’t eat this everyday, I shouldn’t go insane from mercury poisoning. Note to self, you bought like 8 of these, don’t eat them every day this week!



Supper as we say in the sawth, Okay, Paula Dean..lulz anyway it consisted of fresher ingredients: carrots, onion, chicken, cilantro, evoo, and spices. Infinitely better taste than thawed out watery frozen vegetables. The extra effort of chopping is worth the actual taste of food rather than warmed up mush. It is nice to be able to enjoy food

Yoga milestone, but more on that in tomorrow’s post!

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