Day Nineteen

The motivation is very weak today. Very much a lazy Sunday I am having. Tried to do a new circuit workout on the iPad called “Remix Workouts”. I am not sure if it was the mechanized voice or the repetition, but it was boring and I stopped halfway through it, and decided it would be more fun to post, so here we are.  First things, I was able to complete two milestones yesterday. One, I  my 50 mile “lifetime” badge from FitBit, and two I got my first Focus Wristband from Sunstone yesterday for attending 10 classes.

I don’t think I would have been able to do it with my gorgeous (okay, except for the dark ends of the avocado) paleo brunch. Yes, while I may have skipped on the Hollandaise sauce and mimosas, I managed to prepare myself a great little meal yesterday morning, which I plan to do again today.

Also this little happy snack gave me some energy. Yes, I get really bored, read dorky, on Saturdays:

Finally, my boyfriend and I ate our paleo-friendly un-tacos using whole30 friendly seasoning (cumin, cayenne, chili powder, and onion powder) made with beef, onions, broccoli, cilantro, carrots, and two eggs:

Very successful day, both nutritionally and with exercise. Got a chance to sneak in some of that elusive strength training in my kickboxing class, about 10 minutes of crunches, leg-lifts and reverse crunches. Oh and the wood class also had like 128 reps of crunches. Oh and this little video gave me an unintentional ab workout because I was laughing so hard:

I am not sure if I am just incredibly perverted, but I was literally in tears. Oh, internet, you will never cease to amuse me.  Well, it was a short post, but it is the weekend, so I am going to enjoy the rest of mine.

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