Day Twenty-One

Today will conclude a week of the Whole30. This morning I was going to get lunch groceries,  but the store was not open until 8 am, and it was 7:30 when I arrived. I used to have problems with businesses not staying open late enough, now I have problems with them not opening early enough. I just can’t sync my schedule with the rest of the world. It is nice being at work earlier than everyone else, though, it really gives me a chance to get my thoughts together before being distracted by anyone else.  But, yeah, planning is good, but if there is anything that I learned from “Workforce Training and Development” it is that even this is not a fail-safe, you really need a contingency plan if something does not go right in your project, in this case my project was getting together lunches. It is not a big deal though, I arrived to work so dang early that I can easily just go get something at 11:30 today and even with the lunch break, I won’t be here too late.

Eggs this morning finished by coffee and you guessed it, coconut milk, no sugar! I feel pretty damn good right now, my left outer glute is kinda sore, but I think it is because I hooped for nearly an hour last night. Also, dancing! The circuit trianing/HIIT workouts are effective, but it just seems like they are not as fun as just moving in a playful creative manner. I want this journey to be something that I can enjoy but also getting the extra credit of having a healthy body. The FB was screaming and its digital flower flourished from the calories. I think the hooping motion with the hips and the weight of the hoop made it cheat a little bit and counted every rotation as a step, but how can you really say it is cheating, when I was moving? Yes, still moving even if I am not nailing down the drills of some drill sergeant (I am looking at you Lisa, from BodyRock). As long as I can get my food that I need, I will be much better off psychologically and physically.

Need to get my workouts transferred over to the iPad from the DVD’s I have, so I can join this decade with technology. In my arsenal, I have the following workouts:

But anyway, those are my tools to get a home workout, really really have zero excuses for not working out. I have tons of free resources and stuff I have purchased, but as we all know, just purchasing a DVD or a diet book will not make you thinner or in shape. You really just have to put the work in. Shopping is fun, but it is not the same as doing. My guess is that it is another one of those compulsive behaviors that humans love so that even if you never use the damn thing (guilty!) you have have that same neurological response as if you actually did. It is like that idea of telling people your goals feels the same of actually accomplishing them, so you are less likely to actually do them. If you notice, I try not to say things that I am going to do rather I say things that I have actually done, I would rather be retroactively accountable, and just tell you, oh by the way, I did this yesterday and it rocked. Anyway, it feels good accomplishing things and being able to document this experience, need to get back to the thing that makes buying these fitness DVD’s possible, WORK.. Have a sweaty day!

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