Day Twenty-Five

A very sartorial Saturday. A little bit discombobulated from the day. Always happens towards the evening, no need for a lecture, I know I am well under my caloric requirement, but my thighs don’t seem to think so, kidding but not really. Feel like a real blogger this week. Just got some SWAG from Brooke at Sweats & Sweets probably going to be putting them on my boots, or saving them for when I have black sneakers, because I think my New Balances look pretty rad with the neon yellow:

Here are the laces:

Anyway, in other fashion news in the laurenverse, look at these kewt size 2-4 skirts I can now pimp:

Also, I don’t plan to switch my day job from support goddess, yes that is my title, to fashionista extrodainaire, but check out my hipsteresque shot that my bf took of me, today. He takes the best pictures of me:

Cheezeball Photoshop filter added by me. Promise the only enhancing I did was to brighten up the contrast of the lighting. I do feel a sense of gratitude that I can imagine to be pretty attractive sans makeup, not many chicks in their 20’s can do that, and as I have repeated ad nauseum, I am 31, bitches!! Nice way of acting like it, real mature. :p I will just keep munching on those omega-3’s and dancing it up like the rockstar I should have become already. Still waiting for my big break in tambourine and triangle playing. Silliness aside, because the Whole30 is serious business (just kidding, I think the sense of whimsy I get  is partly from reading the Whole9 blog religiously) Aaaanyway, another beautiful breakfast and speaking of omega-3’s, just look at that sexy avocado:

So, yeah probably not gonna foray into the food photography world, either, well especially not with an iPad, but maybe if I upgrade my camera and take a few courses the pictures will improve, but as you can see my plating is exquisite.

I know that technically I am still in the extreme craving phase of the Whole30, which is an incredibly funny read, by the way, but my mileage IS varying and I think that I am feeling the effects of going sans gluten and sugar, because really just for lunch I had half of that avocado, and then for a snack I split a banana right before the Wood 90 class, smashed. Dinner was Elevation Burger. Just so incredibly grateful that I live in Austin for it’s seemingly collective focus on health and wellness. Having places like this is such a treat because it lets me eat something tasty while feeling good that I didn’t support factory farming and that I am also eating low calorie. Very very cool.

Does it seem like my posts go in sine waves? This is certainly an up one.

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