Day Thirty

Wow, has it already been almost a month since I started my fitness blogging journey. It has been enlightening, just to think about all of my slip-ups (pre-whole 30, of course). Really needed to get those out of the way before I committed myself to the program, though. Also learning that I am a lot more sedentary that I would like to admit to myself. The numbers don’t lie, and if anything the FitBit is probably generous with steps given that it counts hooping as running, whoops. This just means that I have to become more aware when I begin to feel my butt molding to the chair (is this just me that has that sensation when sitting for long periods of time?) Since coming into the habit of writing everyday, the ideas begin to flow more easily, and surprisingly there are a lot more deeper issues in fitness (psychology of motivation, body issues, nutrition and the science of metabolism) that lend themselves to further pontification. Okay, you are just being flowery, now, but bitches love eloquence. Meals have been more of the same, liked the egg and avocado so much that I ate it last night for dinner:

The right-most one fell out so I had to set it back in the fruit once I took it out of the oven. 20 minutes is a bit too long for baking as you can see the bottom is a bit over-done for my liking, and learning that for best results, you should scoop out a little bit more of the fruit so that egg is snugly cradled in while baking and does not slip out as the bottom one has done, but not the top.  Still a great little meal that you can fix with minimal prep work. The fat from the avocado coupled with the protein from the egg makes it very satiating.

So, my boyfriend and I have this ritual going to gas stations to get our vices. Since we both stop drinking, he has resorted to just cigarettes and a “big soda”, read 32 ounces or more, screw NYC this is Texas, and as the cliché goes, EVERYTHING IS BIGGER.  Obviously in this program, sodas whether sweetened with aspartame or corn syrup are verboten, so that leaves me with the mineral/sparkling water. I have substituted soda in the past for this, and come to quite like it, last night, however I was feeling a bit sick of just drinking water. Yes, my sugar dragon isn’t quite slain. What could I do but try to get some alternative. Enter coconut water. This puppy had only about 11.5 ounces of liquid but was only 60 calories. Because I wanted the satisfaction of drinking a lot (hey as long as it isn’t alcohol, amirite?) I decided to treat myself to a San Pellegrino and diluted the coconut water a bit:

This “mocktail” was pretty tastey. The only thing I would have changed was that I used a little bit too much mineral water. Perhaps in the future, I would add pineapple juice to give it even more of a refreshing tropical finish. It was  bit like a water pina colada, and that sounds probably bad, but sometimes if you want just a taste of something without the ill effects, you have license to make a few substitutions. I know that may go against the spirit of Whole 30, but it really seems like if you deprive yourself of everything, you are going to be worse off in the long wrong. Hell, the fact that I have survived without my beloved bread or dairy (just in the fact that I despise coffee sans creamer) for 15 days is an accomplishment, and I am not opposed to celebrating accomplishments.

Oh, yeah I didn’t go to yoga class this morning, boo, but there is Metal \m/ tomorrow.  Time for my hourly walk around the building.  Enjoy some tunes:

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