Whole 30 – Day 20

Today’s Fire 90, despite a setback of  not getting up at 6:00 am for Jackie Warner’s Day 2, workout was fun.  Yesterday was so busy but I managed to get all of my to-do items checked out and felt very accomplished because I planned and executed everything I wanted to do. Maybe it was the coffee, but the morning felt a bit frenzied in getting all the vacuuming, dusting, and surface cleaning finished while simultaneously doing laundry and then cooking lunch. Dinner was too spicy, because I accidentally poured a bit too much cayenne and chilli powder into the turkey mix. Hey, my metabolism can use a bit of a thermogenic kick to burn those calories. I try to get a little bit of HIIT in my television watching. Always moving, getting those steps in. I feel like a total slacker if I am watching Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition while sitting on my rump.

A bit of a motivational musing for Monday. I came, I planned, and I conquered my meals for this week in that the grocery list that I posted yesterday was derived from a meal plan that was created beforehand. You have to do this for the Whole 30 to be completely successful in this program. So, I have the next six days mapped out here:

Friday is on the back, but yes I went old school and just wrote everything down. It may be a bit sloppy with all the scratches and edits, but writing things down just seems more committal than typing things out. Before digitizing my Sunday To-Do’s I wrote it out on paper, and I think that helped me get things done better, though I may use that same template for next week. The comfort in routine is really helping me become more certain and is helping me accomplish my goals.

More musing on the idea of keeping with a habit and committing to your goals, my coworker is also on his own 31 day challenge with yoga, and we were talking about how staying consistent with practice. He brought up the idea of how in nature that erosion happens with constant water flowing against the elements. This meshes with the fact that my yoga classes are based on the five “elements” of nature. Admittedly I would be super stoked to do a class called “Uranium” (industrial yoga!!), but I will settle for Metal \m/, and noticing my how my phsyique is changing is super rewarding. For example, I am noticing a little bit of indentation in my core which looks like a mini-six pack is appearing! I still have some of the body fat, but erosion baby, erosion!

This past Saturday was the last kickboxing sesh I had with my Living Social deal, and due to some financial constraints, I am not continuing the membership, because I have already paid for the membership with yoga. I liked working out there, but really I can accomplish activity through a combination of hooping, walking, yoga, dancing and circuit training through the DVD’s and there is a channel on my Roku that has some workouts! Fitness does not have to be expensive, but the trick is using your own creativity and perhaps a bit of self-discipline to schedule your workouts. As you can see by my posts, that is my own struggle is just getting up early or forcing myself to do it, but I leave, dear reader, on this bit of inspiration:

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