Whole 30 – Day 21

Dang! Today will conclude 3 weeks of the program, and it surely has been an interesting journey. Yesterday I almost went the whole day without eating fruit, but that dang coconut water was the only thing from making me turn into a gremlin from low blood sugar, that happens, right? GRRRRRRR, the gremlin in my belly, wait it is inside you now, yes, hush, anyway. It is growling this morning. Only thing in my stomach are  some overly seasoned sweet potatoes, (same mistake with the un-tacos of Sunday night, took the lid off and nearly have the bottle spilled inside). It really did not agree with my stomach, but the desire to getting that damn pink focus bracelet drove me to go this morning to my class, and I am thankful that I am learning to have a bit of self-discipline to stick with something besides a job. It only took 3 decades. Much more than a silly wristband, what motivated me to go to class today was my newly created mantra “erosion”.  If you want to know why that is my mantra, read yesterday’s post, sillybutt! Great, now this song is in my head, maybe it is just the clouds that are getting me all darkwave, but goth as lame as it is to everyone else, will always be cool to me:

This weekend I played around with more mocktails, and put the lime in the coconut water! It tastes like it should have alcohol in it, but it doesn’t and only has about 50 calories and 10 grams of sugar per 8 ounces, and I felt pretty satisfied only drinking that much of it too.

Because I refuse to buy anymore fitness DVD’s or diet books, I have been using the public library that is only about 5 minutes from my apartment. I was able to rent a copy of  10 pounds in 10 days by Jackie Warner. I know that you are wondering if I am that stupid to believe the claims that I would actually lose anything more than water, no not really, and furthermore the diet plan that it prescribes only lets you eat 950 calories per day (fuck that) and about half of the plan is not Whole30 compliant, so yes, just doing the circuit training.  On Day 3, enjoying the different exercises, and able to watch TMZ while I do the workout, but concerned that I am not giving it 100%. Also some slight modifications I am making, instead of using a jump-rope, I am doing butt-kickers, high knees, and jumping jacks for around 60-90 seconds for the cardio portion of the workout. Basically, I am winging it, and not sure if that is the best approach,  but with my commitments to yoga already, anything else I do is lagniappe.

2 thoughts on “Whole 30 – Day 21

  1. Thanks for the quick book review. I won’t be reading that one! 950 calories doesn’t sound very healthy no matter how short you are.

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