Whole 30 – Day 27

Only about 72 hours to go, and I was almost about to cheat today. I do not think that I have slain the sugar dragon by any indication of the ideal Whole 30 and how it should make you feel. In fact, I had to pound a coconut water just to keep from going insane this evening. I am not sure what I am so stressed about, either. Everything seems to be going okay, but I feel very agitated and angered. Right now, I should be at the gym getting the rest of my steps (around 3300 to the 10k mark) but here I sit. Hey, I don’t feel so bad not having really given up sugar substantially because of the excessive fruit consumption, as I have successfully been able to give up tobacco and booze, and while I kind of already did that earlier this year, I have been able to go over 3 weeks straight (something I hadn’t been able to do with cigarettes), and for someone who would smoke everyday last year, I think it is pretty impressive, while losing weight to boot!

Okay, well enough ego stroking, I am just trying to make myself feel better for eating so many calories today, actually according to MFP it was approximately 1300 (sure it was actually more just due to human error) Ugh, was there a point to this. I write a lot better in the morning. All of my ideas get sucked out of my brain from the TV, I think. Last night, I constructed a delightful summer feast with grilled vegetables, marinated chicken with sautéed onions and mushrooms. Instagrammed for your pleasure:

This morning was very discombobulating with the lack of coffee. Wanted to skip the coffee so that I would not risk dehydration in my yoga practice. This was a disaster, combined with the fact that I did not eat anything (oops) I was highly unmotivated to stick to anything. Speaking of mornings, my mattress is not the most comfortable in the world, no padding, no sleep number, nothing fancy, just a 5 year old springy thing from IKEA, well this morning it was if cherubs had constructed it with gossamer clouds and my comforter was a warm embryonic shell to sustain me in a Matrix-like sleep, not really sure where that metaphor was going, but yes, I really did not want to get up this morning. The whole point was to be able to write and workout early. Getting up early in the morning never works out, get it, get it?

Well, I would post more, but I have to do my civic duty of 3 hours of TV watching and catch “Hells Kitchen”. TTFN!

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