Fails and Lessons Learned from Whole 30

As much as I hate to use an expression from 2006, last night was definitely a fail. Oh, it started innocently enough. What would be the harm in some mexican food, and some hatch pepper mexican martinis? What is the harm? Well, turns out not much really. With the exception of some sniffles from the cigarettes (gross!) and a slight bit of fatigue from the poor REM sleep. I feel actually pretty fine.


Except, that I don’t. I dunno, my boyfriend is in class, without sounding too whiney, I am pretty lonely and depressed.  Here is another picture of last nights winning festivities. From the Canary Hut Pub in Austin, TX a “Star Fucker” (watermelon, red bull, vodka) shot in front of a vodka soda, at least I tried to drink like a lady at first. You know, despite the caffeine from the liquid crack of red bull, I still managed to hit the hay before midnight. You just can’t be awake at 4:00 am and expect to stay up late:

Yeah, anyway, not really hungover at all, I arose at 8:30 this morning to go to a much missed Starbuck’s run. On my way out, anxious and worried something wasn’t right it was a premonition to the fact that my FitBit is MIA. Big time, FAIL.. This makes number 3 I guess, Fail number 1: drinking more than 1 drink last night (and by the way for those of you who follow me on twitter, Sisters of Mercy kareoke doesn’t exist, at least not for the song “Temple of Love”). Number 2 was smoking, and then I lost a device that was helping me be healthier while engaging in unhealthy behaviors. What a piece of work, as my dad would say.

Arriving at Starbucks, the drive through was busy as usual, so I stepped inside to try to maybe get some positive energy or just feel better sitting a bit before the day began. This was around 10:30, still hope for the morning to be better. Well, I ordered probably the most calorie-bombed thing on the menu it turns out, the zucchini walnut muffin. Beware of the muffins, as they will give you a muffin-top. Seriously, I hate it when you think you are ordering something healthy and it turns out the exact opposite. 490 calories for a piddly ass little thing, and I don’t even want to to think about how much sugar was in my Grande Iced Caramel Latte. Okay, so those were fails.

Moving on to Whole Foods, no muffin pan to be bought, though, I am sure it would have cost an arm and a leg. Crate and Barrel wanted like $10 for theirs. Ended up purchasing one for like $8 at Randall’s, so not much of a savings, plus it is teflon coated, and I have been trying to avoid using cookware that has that on it. It supposedly is not good for you, and I can’t imagine heating a plastic would be!  So, for the final fail, I attempted to recreate this recipe, and everything was pretty easy except for the fact that I set the oven at 450 instead of 350 per the instructions. Whoops! If I hadn’t checked the muffins 15 minutes in, they would have been completely blackened, and/or the smoke alarm would have been screaming. So, yeah, those mishaps coupled with the anxiety and slight depression of a night of over-indulgence do not make for a sunny Saturday. It just isn’t worth it. Physical symptoms are bad enough (thankfully were not a factor today), but the mental anguish really strangles your mind, which makes for a spiritual hangover of sorts.

Okay well enough of that. So, I am not even sure I am up for it, laziness breeds laziness, but I have learned a few things from my Whole 30 experience.

  1. It really is not expensive. You will pay more for grass-fed and you will pay more for free range chicken, but if you really think about the stuff you are not buying, zebra cakes, fast food, alcohol.. cigarettes.. *whistles and looks innocent* the savings really add up. Most of the time I was spending around $85 on items, but the dinners were shared with my boyfriend. I believe I had done some of the math for lunches and even though my portions were pretty small, it really only came out to be about $2-$3, you would have to eat yucky Scrubway or Taco Smell to get a deal that good. We all know that if someone makes that excuse they are basically saying, “Fast food is really more expensive, but I don’t really feel like cooking and I like the way it tastes”
  2. Diet Nope. In “It Starts with Food” they mention the reinduction phase of introducing potentially inflammatory foods back in your diet to test them to see whether you should just avoid them while still allowing for other food that were previously banned while on the W30. I don’t remember reading a specific reintroduction for aspartame or sugar in general, which may lead me to believe that they want you to avoid it all together. Being the hardheaded woman I am, I just wanted to have my Diet Coke. Blooooooooated, seriously it felt like my stomach just expanded to thrice it’s size and boy was it not pleasant. For the Whole 30, I replaced Diet  with water or even San Pelligrino. I really believe that this will be a lifelong change. Diet coke sucks, and I feel better for avoiding it.
  3. Sugar, *sings*, oh honey, honey. I will be the first to admit that I do not think I have kicked my addiction to this white powder. By evidence of this morning, all signs point to no. Thank goodness, I do not feel the same way about gluten. My boyfriend ate a Baconator today after his class, and admittedly I was not around for the temptation, I am not actually jealous of his fast food frolic.
  4. I am breaking up with Fast Food, that is not to say we won’t be Friends with Benefits, okay, let’s not be too crass, keep it PG. We had a good run, a 23 year relationship probably, but all good things have to end. I have found that I actually like cooking, and I might just even have to give up Elevation Burger, well let’s not bee too rash. But, seriously, after experimenting with recipes, it is quite fun, and plus it would be boring just to photograph stuff that other people have made. It almost feels like cheating on my blog. Oh, and I highly recommend Well Fed for the Pesto Sauce, it is a delightful addition to summer vegetables.

Okay, well that was far too long of a post, but I really felt a need to summarize my experience with it, even if it wasn’t a win. Overall, if I had to grade myself on the progress, I would have given myself a C-, just because of the sugar dependance, and not strictly adhering to things that may have been cured (ie: bacon and lunch meats) with some kind of sugar. It was probably negligible the amount, but that with the fruit smoothies that they even warned us about in ISWF, really made my moods unbearable. Up. Down. Up. Down.

If you have made it to the end of this post, I thank you for plowing through my meanderings into my journey and I hope to keep you updated with the neck challenge I am perusing. Right, now it is under my hat, but once I complete seven days I will post what it is. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Fails and Lessons Learned from Whole 30

  1. One of the things I noticed as I read your posts during your Whole30 experience is that you were learning a lot about what all was in different foods and how your body reacted to them. So, in that respect, you should give yourself an A. I think Whole30 is most of all for learning what you want to do after the the 30 days. You had a great success!

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