Destroyed breakfast today, not terribly proud, but it was weird. Normally I would feel disgustingly bloated and guilty for eating all of the beans and potatoes, but strangely enough, the food seemed to be just right for my appetite this morning. Could have been due to the fact that I did like 80 minutes of cardio and power yoga yesterday. Yes, hump day was a bit overkill, but the good news is that despite my dietary indiscretions I am back in the hundred-teens in terms of poundage, just barely. My comfortable level would be under 115, but that would mean I definitely don’t need to be eating like I did this morning.  Coincidentally, after breakfast, I stumbled on this article by Tara Stiles regarding exercising “aggressively” which leads to overeating. While, I agree there is such a thing as emotional eating and appetite increase caused by coritsol from over-exercising, I am willing to bet that a lot of the caloric mis-steps we make from exercising stem from the fact that we are just freaking hungry from all the calories burned. There are tons of articles that I could link to that suggest that when we exercise, our fat cells are sneaky little assholes that want to preserve themselves, so our metabolism, yes that stuff, gets ramped up actually causing a spike in appetite. Okay, don’t believe me? here, here, and here, and if you are really feeling froggy, just Google the terms, exercise metabolism appetite. It really almost seems like a Sysphian struggle with the diet and fitness industry. It is like they want you to eat their special fuel be it in diet shakes, protein powders or empty sugars, just enough to power you through a workout so that you can kill yourself just enough for a one or two pound weight loss., and then probably splurge again because you are so hungry. Guess what? You don’t really half to kill yourself to lose that, just cut about 500 calories, and really that isn’t that much if you track your food.  Mainly I just don’t want to feel like this all the time:

adapted from: Hyperbole and a half

Too much pansy-ass cardio yesterday, even if it was sprinkled with push-ups. Today’s plan of attack is some heavy lifting, STRONG LIKE THOR!  The treadmill is boring, but at least I have an iPad and cable, to distract myself.  I am having the goldilocks syndrome of weight lifting. The 5 pound dumbells I have at home are too small, but the 15 pound weights at the clubhouse are too heavy. I may have to set aside my cheapness and buy a pair of 8 and 10 pound weights to really get a challenge, and not do my workouts half-assed. Good lord, I ate like 2 hours ago, and I really just want to smash a snickers in my face hole.  THOR HUNGRY!

To my credit, though, when I do walk on the treadmill, I put the incline at 4.0 or even higher. It may be a myth that doing this will give you a toned tushy, but any behavior that will potential feed my ego I will certainly engage in.  Squatember is a dream that is slowly dying. Maybe on the ides, I will pick it up again. Does anyone else feel more comfortable in starting things on the month’s beginning. I know that seems to be the best time to do a challenge, as we all know that it takes about 4 weeks for a habit to sink it. Months are so arbitrary, maybe the ides are a better idea for me, or even just starting at a week. Readers: When starting a challenge, when do you feel it is best to start. Weekly? If so, do you start Sunday or Monday? Do you think it is better to start a monthly challenge on the 1st or 15th of a month? Feel free to leave your comments and share your experiences.

2 thoughts on “Thorsday

  1. I always start a challenge on the first day of my workweek. I never try to progress on the weekend with all the temptations to indulge and be lazy. However, I do try to incorporate my current challenge into the weekend.

    • I understand that. It is so easy to backslide on the weekend without a set schedule. Since I usually get pretty bored (and I am on a budget so no shopping!) I will do housework and chores to fill up the time. As weird as it sounds I feel a bit of bliss in making to-do lists and getting things checked off!!

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