On the road to the second Whole30

Lack of inspiration, not so much that I have nothing to say, just more that I feel like a hypocrite. Oh sure, I will start out with healthy intentions and eat stuff like this, very delightful dish of “breaded” chicken (almond meal and coconut flour) with sauteed broccoli and sweet potatoes:


However, those intentions will quickly dissolve and I will be eating stuff like this:


This was the Philly Cheese Steak served with garlic and parmasean tater tots. The tots themselves were nothing to write home about but the fact that they added garlic and cheese to them really made it a nice touch. I wouldn’t say it was the best cheesesteak I have had in Austin, my personal favorite is Texadelphia, but whatever, cheesteak is like pizza. You really cannot screw up the unholy trinity of fats, carbs and meat.  So obviously, my reintroduction phase hasn’t exactly been gradual, more like ramming whatever tastey goodness I can find down my gullet. Jeeze Louise, I am getting hungry just thinking about the feasting last night. Amazingly, I have stayed under 120 pounds, despite my efforts to sabotage myself, oh please I act like I did not bike on the stationery 15 miles yesterday morning. Bla bla bla, you can’t out-exercise a shit diet, but considering I only have one or two really crappy meals, I’m doing okay.

Just okay. I am trying internally to fixate my intentions into actions. Not comfortable with discussing them, because I think that is a sabotage. Oh and there is this, but in terms of blogging, does that count as saying them. There is also the saying, “Ink it, don’t think it” that I have heard in terms of goal setting and achievement. I do see a lot of people that I am following declare their intentions, but for me it seems a bit like saying them, so I get scared. Ugh, deja vu, like woah. Yes, it feels like I have talked about this before, so maybe I will shut up and try to focus more on what I can add to this thing that will make people actually want to read it. Seriously, my stats have been horrible lately! I know this endeavor is mainly just for me, because writing is fun and it is something I don’t get paid for, but if this were a job, not sure if I would still have it based on the website traffic. Let’s be honest, how many people actually keep a private blog, I would assume very little. The whole point of this is to create and captivate an audience, right? Or is this just my own narcissism and histrionics? Perhaps, my content isn’t that interesting to anyone but me, and that is sorta okay, too, but I would like to think if I am putting effort into something, that other people would want to pay attention.

It is hard to say for sure how to become successful at something without trying to piggyback from celebrity or resort to sex appeal. Oh, it is certainly tempting, but I am not sure my cellulite dimpled ass is something anyone wants to see. Speaking of cellulite. It really sucks, and it terrible looking. I have read more articles than I care to admit about the subject, but tried very little mainly because of the wikipiedia article that states that this phenomenon is something that has never really been “cured”. What say you audience? Have you ever been able to improve your cellulite? What was the most successful treatment?  Isn’t cellulite the worst?

In terms of setting goals, have you been more successful blogging about them or just “shutting up” and letting your progress speak for itself?

7 thoughts on “On the road to the second Whole30

  1. I came across a Wayne Dyer quote today that I liked, and maybe it will be something you can connect with as well:

    Everything you are AGAINST, weakens you.
    Everything you are FOR, empowers you.

    Hang in there, girl!!

    • But what if you are against unhealthy behaviors? I get the point of the quote, to stay positive, right? Without going into too much detail, I am just going to say that I realize that I can only take on my own stress, but I have this tendency to make other people’s problems my own, and it really causes me anxiety sometimes. I can be incredibly selfish, too, but I do think that my over-empathy can get me into self-sabotaging situations (say that four times fast).

  2. The way I see it is instead of stressing over any unhealthy behaviors, you put your energy into the healthy ones…and the unhealthy ones will dissolve over time from lack of attention. Just be patient with yourself.

    With your friends, you’ll always want to be kind, but you’ll be a much better support for them if you stay in a good place emotionally yourself. Be kind to you, too…no self-sabotaging, girl!

    Sending you a hug…

  3. Connected with you a little in this update Lauren… I feel like a hypocrite whenever I write an update because I know I haven’t done what I keep saying I am going to do…

    As far as quotes go… I like the one above, though I try personally to live by the following “Life is what you make it” so no matter what you write about or say you are going to do only you can make those things happen.

    I have tried the goal setting thing… writing them down, pinning a picture to the wall at my desk (I work in sales) you have to find what works for you… I just posted something on my blog about accountability… I think that is me finding what actually works for me…

    You will get there eventually… just find what works…

    • Thanks! Yeah, I often write to-do lists just so I can remember the things that I need to get accomplished for work and for my home. Keeping things organized has also helped. When your environment is chaotic, your mind is as well, and that for me makes my motivation take a nose-dive! I will try writing my primary and ultimate goals today to see if this will help.

  4. “you can’t out-exercise a shit diet”. I love that. Live by it. But don’t beat yourself up for a binge here and there. As for cellulite, every woman has it. Period. Any woman who says she doesn’t, is lying. Usually it’s not even that bad. People don’t even notice, especially when you have a fit and healthy body and the confidence to not draw attention to your flaws and insecurities.

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