File under awkward nostalgia

PS: I am stupid lazy this morning (less than four hours of sleep), so I am re-posting something I wrote probably 2 years ago in a now dead blog.

Cleopatra and Projekt records were the shit back in the day and it would not surprise me if I spent half a thousand dollars on CD’s (yes those little plastic things you can put in your car sometimes) Unfortunately, I had most of my music in the apartment in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina, so a lot of them could not be replaced even if I wanted. Six years later, I occasionally get tired of the industrial (read: we are goth but want to invent ourselves) music or electronic beats that so often fill my earholes. Besides buying music, the best way to share something was a mix-tape. I miss this experience, some of my favorite tunes were gleaned from my friend Melissa and Toby Collier who respectively introduced me to these bitchin songs:

Anyone who knows me knows that I am super outgoing and responsive through a caffeinated fueled mania or either completely withdrawn and perhaps a bit bitchy, so human contact can be a tricky thing with me, and DIY is sometimes preferable. The more solitary model of finding new tunes was via compilations yep, no Pandora or related youtube videos, and the pre-college 56k connection my family had was not permissive for file sharing either. At any rate the list:

6. Gothic Rock (1993)


Ah yes, Southern Death Cult, I am sure you all recognize Ian Ashbury’s distinctly death-rock vocals, and yes this band preceded The Cult.

5. Cat Shaped Hole in my Heart (1999)


Oh, shoegaze, like triptophan to serotonin, you are like the precursor to hipsterdom. We all blame you.

4. The Unquiet Grave (1999)


Starting strong, this compilation gets more electro with drum samples and processed guitars:

Also very synthpop orented:

3. The Goth Box (1996)

First compilation, like the fact that the discs instead of being numbered are “G-O-T-H”, cuz I am a dork.


(edit: video removed, ultimately I forget which song I picked, derp, guess my love of goth is waning, which makes it even more goth, oh dear)

(I know what you are thinking. Why didn’t I link to the Lycia track “Everything is Cold”?) Well, the version on this compilation is different from the original which is the only one available on Youtube, the one that is not favorable. Not sure where the 1996 version is found.

Very Switchblade Symphony sounding, but almost impossible to find anything else by this band, See Also: Purr Machine.

Hit or miss band, digging this track though

2. The Projekt Sampler (1998)


Breakbeat, atmospheric, yummy goodness
The soulwhirlingsomewhere track has also some shoegazey layered effects that distinguish Projekt as a more ethereal/ambient label then the darkwave influence of Cleopatra

1. Nocturnal (1998)

It has more mainstream tracks then any of the other ones, but I like the fact that it gives recognition to people who have clearly influenced the movement. Granted a lot of these were made in the 70’s and 80’s, the retrofuture style has always been something that kids will follow because it always seemed that you will want to associate with older people, because it just means that you are that much better than your peers.


As someone who realizes how ridiculous this scene was now, I am kinda amused that Andrew Eldritch talked shit about goths. I mean who wants to be considered the grandfather of anything? …conformists

For five extra points, Wayne Hussey is the singer of this band, who also did the remix for the Gossamer track from #4.

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