Yoga insecurity, The Cult, and ice cream nightmares

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Actually living up to the blog’s namesake today. After 12 day hiatus, I got back into my practice with Earth 60.  While I really want to continue a practice about 5-6 days a week, I find it rather difficult to make the Saturday afternoon classes. Sometimes there is no reason other than laziness, ahem, last weekend was a good example of this. While the defensive driving course I took precluded me from going Sunday. My lack of desire to go to the Wood 90 class was the only reason for not attending, so really, there was no excuse.  I did about a mini-20 minute session from lolo, but for fitness’s sake, it was very lacking. I did feel pretty fantastic for the whole day, so maybe it was pretty effective in that regard.

I may have injured my back a little getting back into practice. Okay, how silly is this? I kinda wish that the instructors of classes had their own sessions so that the inexperienced yoginis such as myself could not feel so damned self-conscious. I have had this happen before with people who I thought were showing off. Now, I don’t think they are really showing off, but I get such a complex when I see that they are doing the Utthita Hasta Padangustasana (doesn’t Sanskrit seem like the coolest language?) and I can barely do it with my leg bent!!  Somewhere between full locust and cobra, I believe I strained my back and it really sucks,  but I also fully acknowledge that this is something that is not the fault of the people doing the perfect poses. Seriously, why should they alter their practice, just because I get butthurt that I am not able to do the same thing. It sounds like a personal problem, as they say.

More non-paleo friendly goodness via Noodles and Company, BUT, considering this dish was 660 calories, not great but compared to a Baconator, which I believe is about 1200 calories, I could have done a lot worse. Not good, not bad, just okay. However, it is like I am not even trying anymore to have any sort of structure to my meal plan. Going out to eat is still murder on my pocket book. The meal itself wasn’t bad, but the ice cream afterwards, I am sure doesn’t do me any favors, including giving me nightmares. So the details are sketchy, but I remember there was some sort of police pursuit where I was cornered into a cul-de-sac and then the officer has me pulled over. He mentioned some sort of hit-and-run where I hit some car and then for some reason doesn’t take me to jail, but I guess I was awaiting some trial and then I find out that this was a felony that I was involved in, so I become panicked and realize in a moment of lucidity that it was only a dream, but it seemed to have continued even as I realized it wasn’t real. Not much else I remember, but it was absolutely frightening. So, here is a moment of gratitude that I am not involved in a felony hit and run.

So the alphabetized music catalog each day is superior than a countdown because of my moods. I have been obsessing about The Cult, lately. Not sure what happened to them in the mid 90’s that made them not so great. Perhaps, there is an expiration date on music. Nine Inch Nails seems to be the only band (if you can even really say that about him) that has seems to be eternally awesome, but admittedly I am a bit of a fan girl. Whatevs. Here we are with a few tracks that I adore:

(ps: go watch Cool World if you have not already, it is like Who Framed Roger Rabbit for grown folks!)

My favorite kind of glitter!

The BF does not understand why I like this band and he says that it is a generational thing, because technically I am an X-er, and he is a Millenial. Okay, Mr. Gen Y, why do you like Joy Division? Makes no sense >_< But, I tease.

5 thoughts on “Yoga insecurity, The Cult, and ice cream nightmares

  1. Good job getting back to it! I strained my back doing a back bend in yoga a week ago…it was no good, but thankfully it is better now. Now to get back into that whole yoga routine will be a challenge haha

    • Yeah I am still torn between if I want to go to optional work breakfast tomorrow morning or hot yoga… It should be a no brainer in favor of my practice but this restaurant is truly yummy!

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