Winner Winner, Poached Chicken Dinner!

Why oh why are both of my hamstrings sore today.  I slept most of Sunday and I don’t remember doing much of anything except for punching my car  out of frustration when I left my keys at the spice counter at the grocery store  and I was so distraught I couldn’ t imagine that it would take a while for someone to bring them to the lost and found (btw car one, my hand zero, no broken bones, but I clearly bruised my pinky finger)

So, to combat the lazies I had decided to cook the vegetables on Friday, and then for the mashed sweet potatoes, I boiled them while I was poaching the chicken. I got this recipe and used it. Forgot to add the lemon, but it was still yummy even with just the bay leaves, also added some rosemary because it just seemed like it would  add a good flavor.  So the second time around, I will use the lemons. I believe poaching is my favorite way to cook chicken. All the succulence of sauteing with the ease of baking. There is a little bit of prep work with the broth, but it is incredibly easy, in my view, plus you can make different dishes with the chicken once cooked. I have never tried making a chicken salad, but it might be time for me to try that!

With the mystery sore muscles and imaginary cinder blocks strapped to my ankles and eyelids today, hot yoga this morning was not happening. Someone decided to delete my Insanity workouts from the hard drive, so I had to re-obtain them, heh heh heh, “RRRRRRR”.  I cried this morning coming to work, because it really just seems that all I do anymore is work and fight with my boyfriend. I wish things could get easier, but it always seems like I make such bad decisions based on bad advice and then I am forced to be the one that takes full responsibility just because I happen to make more money. Could I be anymore vague?

My womantimes are about to happen, again sure y’all wanted to have this information. I wish things were somehow less stressful, but it never ends. I am in such a precarious position with my money, if i were to be fired, I would be so screwed.  I have considered selling my car, just to put some ease on the bills I am having to pay, but then I would have to walk in triple digit heat or freezing ass cold (if we happen to get a bad winter) to work, or worse live near my job and trust me, that would be fucking dreadful. Sorry to complain about these first world problems, but right now I have zero money and I know it is my fault, but I feel like it isn’t all my fault, if that makes any sense.

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