Get your ass moving

I feel like I have had no excuse for my sedentary life, but it seems so pervasive. I even blog about trying to be fit and then, and sometimes I really want to be inspiring to others. Other times  I come up with stupid mini-obsessions like self-tanning and reversing aging, even made a Pinterest board about it!  Maybe it is just something to distract me from the fact that I hate my life. No objectively, my life I realize isn’t that bad, but thanks to social media I can compare it to other peoples and feel ultimately very crappy about the things that I miss. The studies are conflicting about how social media affects depression, the oft cited quote from Mark Twain, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” I digress.

Anyway,  let’s be objective. Unless you put forth the effort to change anything, no pinning inspirational quotes or reading self-help books will help you. Well, there is one thing that I can control even if my emotional, financial, and my social life are completely dead to me. I can control my activity during the day. I am sure a lot of you have seen the infographic for how bad sitting is, well there is a less alarmist, more proactive diagram from the American Institute for Cancer Research, and it really kind of affected me.

For years, I was like the Ann or Mike character, but lately I do take hourly breaks and walk around the building, and with the help of my FitBit (RIP), I was walking around my apartment or on the treadmill. I walk around, but lack the vigorous or moderately vigorous weight bearing activity that this diagram shows the people doing. So, what the hell are the next steps?? Get your ass moving.

I found this video to be pretty helpful. I feel like I have all the tools necessary to be organized, but again it is up to me to really put the resources available to use. I don’t know if anyone else suffers from this, but I tend to hoard the information, and seek out the productivity tools, seek out the memberships to a “fancy gym” but then never use it. I suspect with the industry booming as it is, and endless publications regarding creativity, fitness, and productivity, that people like me are looking for a silver bullet, when in actuality it is as simple as just getting moving. Keeping the ball rolling, outside of actually being a fitness model where the idea of getting down to a certain body fat is desirable, just showing up is really the big challenge for most people. I understand now why many people who can afford it, hire a personal trainer. People really need someone to light a fire, as my Dad would say, under their asses.  Not really sure what the solution is for those of us who can’t really afford a personal trainer. This is the issue I trying to resolve with the yoga situation. Personally, I know myself, and if there is an option not to do something, hello Hulu, then chances are I am not going to do the “should” thing unless I change my environment or I am part of the hive mind of a classroom. I cafitness, cancer, depression, social media, austin,n’t blame myself, as it seems like it is that way for most people, and I am not exceptional. Sounds harsh, but how many people would admit that? The truth hurts, y’all.

Before this entry devolves into a vortex of self-pity and self-loathing, I do feel like maybe joining a real gym, not some crappy apartment clubhouse is the answer.  Got myself a VIP pass, lulz, to Premiere Lady Fitness, and they have yoga classes at different times of the day, so we will see if my hypothesis is correct about consistency and having a class to help you with that.  Hopefully yes, consistency + social support + variety = success is the theory, hopefully, I can light the fire under my ass just enough to stick with it!

7 thoughts on “Get your ass moving

  1. A gym isn’t worth the money paid if you don’t show up. TRUTH. The trainer thing…certainly not necessary, TRUTH I can’t justify spending the money on one…but yet my part time job helps pay for mine. BUT, I had better know how to do this without him or I am up a creek without a paddle! That’s truth now! He can’t do it for me. LOVE the picture of the different levels of activity !! When I was out of town, I couldn’t believe the difference in my regular activity level.. apparently I move more here at home than I realized. We may end up moving out of the country, so I simply have to know how to do this all by myself, without a trainer and a fancy gym. I’m only halfway there (almost even)…I guess I am afraid to totally do it on my own yet. going to sit and ponder that now… lol

    • It is certainly something to think about. A clipboard or something may be a handy tool to have that outlines all of the things that you need to do, so when you are off the training wheels as it were, (pun intended) you can navigate the gym with ease.

      • training wheels…yes.. lol. You know you have a real point though. If you think about the whole training wheel thing on a bike, it’s the whole insecurity issue. We don’t want to let go and do it completely on our own… afraid we’re going to fall. HHmm.. that is a great thing to blog about and definitely something for me to ponder more!! Because that is totally me!! Insecure and afraid to fail again ! At some point, it’s going to have to be time to stand on my own and stand strong. I can’t go back. I won’t.

  2. Can’t worry too much about other people and social media. The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday. Motivation isn’t going to come along and slap you in the face, you just have to start doing. That alone is often what it takes for people to get motivated. Once you do and you start seeing results and feel better you start to crave it and want more. Everyone is different, but we all know we are better off getting our exercise in. Life is all about choices. Sounds like your mind is in the right direction!

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