For the love of alliteration

Oh writing, it is such a cruel mistress at times. The burden of needing to be creative without the desire or inspiration. Okay, total lie, just been futzing around ALOT on Pinterest, busy with work, and otherwise stressed out to be focused or motivated to write. So, I guess my muse needs a bit of a direction, a map if you will. My solution for this is awkwardly assert alliteration (see what I did there) into every sense of this blog via the day of the week. So, for starters, we are going to have Motivation Monday, followed by Workout Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, and then Foodie Friday (was opting for fitness, too, but already have that covered, really!) Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday are still up for grabs. They could be “free” days I suppose, but having a specific thing to write about really forces you to get creative and focuses, thus making you better at writing.

Spin class was pretty fun on Monday, meant to go to it last night, but laziness sometimes prevails, oh hunger too. You mean fantastically appetizing meals such as this:

Aren’t keeping you full? No, they aren’t really. The weight watchers meals are pretty gross looking, yes Jezebel wrote an article on this, and yes it made me mad because it kinda shines the light back on me that despite having plenty of time on the weekend to pre-make visually appealing treats, I choose to hit the “Easy” button and go for the ugly frozen processed to hell and back meals. It really reminds me of this image I got from Facebook:

I would say that the luxury of not having children has let me accomplish about 5 out of the 6 listed above. It is meant to be humorous but I think there is not a really good reason that you can’t have more than 2 of those things done. Again, I don’t have children, so maybe there is something I am missing, but seriously ladies (and fellas) don’t be lazy! Speaking of number 2, I have been toying with the idea of rejoining the Whole 30 army, but at the same time, there are delightful things such as this:

sorry for the dirty desk and crappy cameraphone quality!

Even though we only have these at work because I requested them and it is the holidaze, the thought of having to give up my precious sweet treats for an extended period of time (again) seems cruel and unusual, but at the same time, I did closer to my Ideal Weight than I have in like 7 years. I want my yummyness, and I want my skinniness! It reminds one of this song:

But, anywho, the question remains What is a good category for Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday? Or should I leave them free days?

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