Monday Motivation – beware the ides of sodium

It is almost comical how badly I have eaten this weekend. Friday started out with the yummy yummy Chimichanga plate from ZuZu’s, ps: I am like 3 days away from being mayor on Foursquare. No pictures because I am a bad blogger. Saturday, was oh so fantastic Pho from PhotNatic (whoops, no pictures either), with the flavors of the dish, I can’t imagine it not having a lot of salt in it, however, you can’t go wrong with those flavors. This put me into what I refer to as a Phoma. McDonald’s was for dinner, yes gross I know, and due to lack of nicotine, as my social smoking habit is a bit more of an addiction that I would like to admit,  I wanted a sweet treat.  This meant, of course, to gorge on a medium Choco-Mint blizzard from DQ. Yum, and that put me into what I refer to as a Bloma. Yes, I do realize that sounds uncomfortably close to something vulgar described in Urban Dictionary.  Sunday’s weigh-in really illuminated how crappily I ate on Saturday, up to 124.4!! That is a 7 pound delta from my lowest. Yet, somehow I still ate Pizza Rolls and chugged cola during Family Guy last night. Like I said, almost comical how badly I ate. No plan of action on how I am gonna shed this excess water weight, assuming I haven’t actually put on any fat. I did do some cleaning yesterday, but the gym was much less appealing than stuffing my face apparently.

Not going to beat myself up about it, but it still sucks. As already mentioned, weekends are tough. Dealing with stress is tough. Emotional eating is awful, and I feel like I have done a lot of that lately. Maybe it is time to take advantage of those free yoga classes? I didn’t even go to cardio on Saturday, boo! What is a bummer, is that my hourly walks around the office are shortened because I am a pansy and don’t like the cold. Well, maybe I need to beat myself up a little bit. The whole point of writing all this was to serve as a bit of a documentation of my fitness journey, and if I don’t actually have anything to document, it won’t be interesting, and then you have nothing to celebrate, right? It shouldn’t be tough, but I should plan more and the person I can blame for that is me. Perhaps tomorrow needs to be “Tough Love Tuesday”

2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation – beware the ides of sodium

  1. It is tough, no doubt about it. Maybe try to make weekly goals and post them… it helps me. SALT…it’s of the devil. I’ve gained 4.5 over night after some no carb high sodium choices. You are not a bad blogger..otherwise, I wouldn’t be reading. Stress sucks. We have to learn to overcome these things.

    • Thanks for the words of encouragement! at least if you eat salty foods, you can usually just lose the water weight fairly easily if you eat asparagus, and other diuretics the next few days!

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