Et tu, Tilapia?

Okay, so Julius Cesar is not my favorite play, just to clear that up! So, in addition to the Weight Watchers, I added some frozen Tilapia paties, because I thought they would add some healthy omega-3’s into my meal. It turns out that the opposite is true, and they are high in Omega-6’s, which I hear aren’t so great. Yippee… I couldn’t take a good picture of it with the lighting available, not sure why the browns and the oranges of my gorgeous frozen and reheated potatoes did not pop for the cameraphone. Not sure if it is the camera or the photographer, but this was the best I could get even with some working in Fireworks.

So there’s that.Of course, in trying to do any research in regards to Omega 6’s versus Omega 3’s, it can cause a bit of nutritional nausea (like that? I just made it up) Nutritional nausea is what happens when you become a bit obsessed with macro versus micro, glyemic load, omega 3:6 rations, carbohyrdate counting, or any of those things that people on a diet tend to consume, pardon the pun. It becomes its own stressful center of gravity, probably causing more cortisol, and oh shit, don’t want to raise those levels, am i right? I know way to much about this stuff for my own good. It becomes a bit of an addiction to find as much information as possible as a subject, but unfortunately this doesn’t make me an expert until I can put it into practice.

Lately I have been concerned with my sitting behaviors. With new news such as this,  it really scares me about how unhealthy my naturally sedentary life is. You know, besides the fact that I fucking smoke, idiot. Hey, quit talking that way to my friend Lauren. Anyway, conversations to myself aside, making healthy choices is imperative if you want any chance of losing weight or just living a better life. Seems like healthier people are happier, right? This stress needs to end, but it seems to be directly related to making better choices and the consquences that occur from the better choices. For example if money is a leading source of stress in your life, maybe not buy silly things such as fast food, yes, read my last entry, and budget for the bills that you will need to pay, or do something like consolidate your loans. Actually, I have considered moving out of Austin and teaching in a high-demand area for loan forgiveness. Even though living in one of those areas may be undesirable, the cost of living would probably be a lot less and my loans would be somewhat forgiven, of course that only costs 3 years of my life, so it is a give and take, I guess.

Well I hope anyone who reads this is making a healthy choice, last nights hot dog and macaroni “delight” was not very good (probably about 1000 calories just for the meal!!) but it sure was tasty and like $2, again, give and take.

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