Of brunch and cardio…

Call it separation anxiety, or just plain desperation, but this gal right here could use a pick-me-up. Feeling oddly depressed even though I walked about 5 miles (around 75 minutes) on the treadmill this morning and most of the apartment is clean. It is just a thing. I post a lot of meaningless status updates and tweets, and it feels like I am screaming into a vacuum, mostly because of the lack of interactivity. Not only that, since my bf is not with me due to the holidays, I have been mostly been sitting here alone without any human interaction. Yes, poor fucking me, give me attention, my life is soooo hard. Sarcasm, aside, I do feel isolated, and it is super stupid because I spent most of Friday hanging out with my stepsister, so really I can’t even go two whole days by myself. Is that a problem? Brunch was heavenly though, among the goodies was three different types of quiches, bacon and sausage, goat cheese log, veggies and hummus, french toast casserole – yep 2 sticks of butter – and of course mimosas (maybe a little too many, but I didn’t drive anywhere)

Bonus, I had the e-cigarette, nicotine sans smoking, so I could socially “smoke” without having to really put my lungs in danger. But yeah, mostly I am concerned about the caloric consequences of all that I consumed. It isn’t surprising, after all isn’t expected that you gorge just a bit during this holiday? Strangely enough, I ate so many appetizers during Thursday during the day, that when we finally ate at 5:00 pm, my appetite wasn’t primed for overindulgence of the actual feast. It was yummy, and I actually contributed green bean casserole, my favorite after dressing of the Thanksgiving gluttony.

So tomorrow, back on the fitness horse, if you could even say I was on it during these past few months. Ugh, have to do something, I cannot exactly pinpoint why I am so depressed either, which makes it even that much more infuriating, if it was something I knew I could fix I would probably just take care of it, but it is just a general feeling of helplessness and despair, also that lovely isolation from everyone in my life, gotta love that, too. Okay, enough whining, hopefully there will be a brighter day tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Of brunch and cardio…

  1. Cool picture Lauren… love the rock back-splash. Mine is just painted dry wall and I’ve tried to convince Hub hub to do some file, but nooo. Loneliness can bring a depressed feeling and it’s one I absolutely despise. I know this sounds weird, but crocheting helps me sometimes. Maybe it’s keeping the mind busy instead of thinking negatively…don’t know. E-cigs…I’ve been SO tempted to give them a try. I have an addictive personality and could totally be a smoker because I find it totally relaxing. Hub doesn’t want me to buy any…says it’s buying problems. ha ha maybe. Trying to get healthy and stronger… guess I should FOCUS.

    • It is actually my stepsister’s crib! I should also say that she made all of those goodies too, wasn’t very clear about that! If I am not smoking I bite my nails, terrible terrible habit, I try to do hulahooping but my apartment is tiny so I have to limit the kind of tricks I can do, which is no bueno. Focus is always key, right?

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