Industrial Apocalypse

Okay, yes it is already 12/21/12 in Australia, but let me have my fun. Hell, my wardrobe is kinda already based on this (well in my dreams) but yeah, in keeping with the theme of gratitude, I did receive some nice information in my inbox yesterday from a satisfied customer [why oh why does that sound way more dirtier to me than it needs to be].  PS: is this mix I am listening to really playing the Blade soundtrack, really BLADE? I know there were vampires in that movie, but come on that ish was played out even when I was going to raves in Mississippi about a decade ago. Some how that just sounds way more uncool that it needs to be, but..  oh yeah customer support, so here it is:


That’s me!!

Hell yeah, right?  Anyway, I am really tempted to bust open the pocket sized Maple Syrup Crown Royal our sales manager gave to us for xmas, but technically I am still on the clock, and I guess being hopped up on ridiculous amounts of sugar from the cookies is preferable than being happily buzzed (it really is a small amount). But anwyway, grateful for the happy comments that customers leave for me.  My company treats me pretty well, I do have to say. Every week we get a free breakfast to discuss ways to make the company better. Also, the benefits are pretty good, so I am grateful for that as well.  But to the more trendy of topics, I am thankful for the fucking apocalypse (KIDDING!) well maybe not  great for a laugh, btw. Anyway, here are some tunes if you really want to go all doomsday in your tunesday:

Anyway, this is the music I am listening to when I am sweetly resolving your technical issues, hah! Anyway, I just thought I would capitalize on this end of the world business. It would be cool if the aliens did come and visit us, but seems unlikely, or the existence of Jersey Shore diminishes their potential interest. I can’t say that I blame them.

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