A case of the blah’s

It has been too long since I have posted, and furthermore, there has been nothing great to report on either. The eating habits have been not great, the working out has been better with the combination of dancing, walking, and a sprinkle of yoga. Not so much to talk about except, it is with a heavy heart that I am reporting that I will not be doing the Electric Run despite having paid for it already. It’s not that I don’t want to, but I don’t want to be walking through it. It ain’t called the “Electric Walk”. So yeah, kinda depressed about. This is the second time I have signed up for something and pussed out on it. It might be a fear of failure, but I have also lapsed on training, and I am sick right now, so I couldn’t make up the days, booo!

I really wish there were better news to report, but I am basically posting to not get kicked out of AFBA Had this great idea to do a “Meatless March” I am back on the flesh, but here are some Veggie friendly places that I scoped, you can just forget about me ever doing vegan. Love my cheese, love my eggs, sorry cows and chickens, I like your babies and their food:

For the remainder of this month, I am going to pretend to be happy. Even if I feel like crap inside, I am going to slap on a shit-eating grin and fake like studying for the CAPM isn’t the most boring fucking thing ever.

Gym-Pact is up to 5 days now. I failed last week because I was sick from the southby revelry (no, it WASN’T a hangover) but today is always a new day, right? This is the mustardy water from the writing I wish I could squeeze on my sandwich.

3 thoughts on “A case of the blah’s

  1. Do the run anyway! You can do it! Plenty of people will be running and walking. The same as the color run. These fun 5ks are ment to get people out and have fun, not necessarily just for running. I say go have fun, run when you can, and walk when you need a little rest.
    Last year when I did the color run I didn’t think I would be able to run the whole thing, I originally set the goal to run the first 3kms walk the 4th and run the last but then I got to the 3rd and I was like hey I can still run so I went for it and before I knew it I ran the whole thing!
    One thing is you need to eat carbs the night before. You eat for tomorrow so you need to eat a bowl of pasta or something the night before and a good breakfast about an hour and a half before the race and you will be totally ready to go. And start out with a slower jogging pace and work your way up. Some people start too fast and use up all their energy.

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