Yoga, Tan, laundry

The good news is that I finally got my lazy ass to hot yoga, and if I really focus my efforts into going the rest of October, no days off, and even with one day off, I can still get the Svadisthana chakra recognition, by the time Halloween rolls around, so that I can celebrate with my orange bracelet. Oh, how such little things amuse me. Also some success came out of my practice serendipitously, I was not able to make it to the room early enough so I was not able to find a place close to the front or side mirror where I normally use so that I can see myself for poses. Well, it seems like that was actually a good thing as I felt like I was able to nail most of them, when I quit worrying about how I looked, and also I felt like I was less obsessed with the skinny young things in my weirdo imaginary thinspo competition that I have in my mind. I guess like the Glitch Mob song is entitled “Starve the ego, feed the soul”:

So, what is the bad news? Well, weekends are notoriously bad (even for all the other bloggers it seems) for food, just in terms of not wanting to stick to a diet, even though I baked asparagus, boiled and blended the sweet potatoes and even poached some chicken, when you sweat for an hour doing push-ups, sit-ups and leg lifts, you tend to get hungry like super hungry.  So, I succumbed to the Domino’s $7.99 pan pizza deal, oh my god, how fantastic this pizza was! Seriously, as James Norton has noted,  they have stepped up their game. I do feel like this pizza is analogous to how good fettuccine alfredo is, vis a vis something with that much butter, cheese and carbohydrates will never suck even if you are a terrible cook. Well, here are the sausage and mushroom calorie bombs (plural!!) in question:

So on a little less horribly unhealthy not, I tried eating something light on Friday night, and I always have a challenge with the Eggvacado oven dish, so I tried whisking the egg, only used a single one this time,  a bit before pouring the mixture into the avocado shell. It turned out pretty well, however a small amount of the egg spilled out on the pan as it always does when trying to balance these halves on the pan. I need some sort of ramekin to snugly hold the halves into place while the eggy-TexMex goodness gets formed. Another good idea would be probably to do sort of like a deviled-avocado mixture like with eggs but have it encased in the skin, not sure how that would be executed, but it certainly sounds good to me.

So, squatober hasn’t really been panning out how I would like, it seems like after the Whole 30, all of my dietary and fitness goals kinda fell through with them. All of my habits dissolved. I tell you one thing that really derails me is going out to drink, not that I do that very often anymore, but even just occasionally it seems that the apartment gets messy because I am too tired to clean, and I become regretful because I spent too much money furthering the cycle of depression, and I just have a general fog about me. Invention idea: some sort of drunk preparation kit, e.g.: cash for drinks so that you know how much to spend, a good hour of cleaning beforehand so that you aren’t stuck with chores in a neurochemically depleted state (hey they don’t call it “wet brain” for nothing),  and perhaps food prepared in advanced with b-vitamin and 5htp supplementation, the former to prevent thiamine deficiency and the later for any serotonin correction you need. So glad, my psychology degree has helped me in some fashion, hyuck hyuck.

I haven’t really had the kind of money to drink, so at least there is that keeping me on the straight and narrow, probably would just be better to be a bit of teetotaler for a while, at least for my wallet’s sake, if nothing else.


Paleo baking and almond meal

#nowplaying: The Cult – Pure Cult
Went to “The Egg and I” for breakfast this morning, and despite the multitude of Tex-Mex places that I have been to in Austin, I opted for the “Mexican Omelet” which included a flour (gasp) tortilla, seasoned fried potatoes (double gasp) and a tasty cheese egg and salsa covered wonder of an omelet. BTW, if you are thinking I am over-indulging, keep in mind I did walk about 5 miles at a 4 incline on the treadmill. Okay, so I did hold on the rails a bit more than I should, but hell 80 minutes of cardio should count for something, right Oh and a carafe of yummy hazel coffee. I only managed to get one snap, and that was after I completed my meal:

So, I attempted once again the Apple and Cinnamon muffins from PaleOMG, this time using more cinnamon and the right temperature for the muffins, success! So, yeah those were good, but for some reason I have had a gnawing sadness that just would not shake me today. Seriously, I have cried like 3 times today. It has been terrible, even with the caffeinated allure of Red Bull and copious amounts of coffee, I just have felt so lonely today. I feel like the friendships that I have built up in the past 5.5 years that I have resided in Austin have not meant anything, and that is a hard thing to digest. Really, the solution is to find some more compatible friends. I don’t think that there is anything fundamentally wrong with me as a person, but I can be a challenge to get along with, I certainly will admit.


So, yes, I freaking love baking apparently, but almond meal is very expensive. However, I realized that I actually have almonds on hand, and a quick search on google reveals that with the use of a food processor, this is super duper easy to make. I think you are supposed to use almonds sans skin, but I wanted to test it out with the halves that I have. The trick is not to grind them up too much, else you will end up with almond butter. I did start to notice this on the bottom of the food processor as the mixture was adhering to the sides, so yes, be very careful of this if you try it yourself. I used a Ninja food processor to make mine and here was the result:

Overall with the exception of skipping my yoga class (tomorrow is the free day of yoga, so I can double up) I was able to workout, clean, bake, and create something new. Admittedly, I am two beers deep, how else do you think my eloquence is so goddamned beautiful? My hair is a touch more platinum, and who doesn’t love that? By the way, The Cult is probably one of my favorite bands. I would have loved to see Ian Ashbury back when he was still hot (probably in the early 90’s and I would have been like 12) Anyway, I am rambling, so see you lovlies tomorrow. Happy Labor Day!