Day Twenty-Seven

Day 13 of the Whole 30 plan.  No posts on Sunday, but I  surprisingly didn’t fall off the wagon yesterday with the plan, but I did bust out the scale. 120! Only 10 more pounds until my goal weigh. I am not sure if I should go any lower than that, as that might be underweight for my height of 64 inches. I know some girls that are even smaller that go go dance, but really that is a younger persons game and I am not sure if that is even something I have the skills for, though I do love dancing, and I probably will do it until the day I die in my own living room.

I know, I know, that is not “allowed”  to look at the scale, but hell I wanted to see something that would make me happy after some stuff I would rather not get into, you know how that goes. Even negativity does not seem to faze me with my goals. So right now, I am ripping the workout DVD’s I have to mp4 format so I can view them on my iPad. In North Austin, there is a recreation center that has a free dance studio that would be perfect for hoopdancing (my apartment does not have high ceilings). Really gotten to my practice where I can get the hoop around all the points on my body: neck, hand, chest, shoulder, waist, upper legs, still need to work on the single legs, and then popping it back up to the hand and then back down to body hooping, really close to being showcase-worth, just need to create a cohesive routine and then I would be able to be a performer in that capacity. Hey, just because I am older, doesn’t mean my dreams are dead!

I just found out that Sacred Circularities is doing a scholarship contest for their retreat in Sedona on December 12th. I am not sure if I deserve something like that but would it be cool to meet likeminded people that just enjoy the flow of dancing. I better get to work on my picture and essay! I certainly have the writing skills, but do I have the hooping passion that others do. That certainly is the question.

Speaking of insane talent, this yoga video is really inspiring:

Crazy huh? Even though, I am not a fan of them, I am starting to get more into the Wood classes that my studio offers. They really help my poses get deeper, integrating yogic poses and hooping would be the coolest thing, I think just because they seem to be integrated (tree pose and one-legged hooping) but I haven’t really seen any one fully merge the two practices. Just have to take a rad picture of myself in the zone, man would it be cool to win this. Okay, enough day dreaming, back to reality:

this isn’t me, but it could have been!


Day Four

Sweaty like Woah. Well, right now, clean from the shower, but man was I dripping this morning. If you have never tried it, give Bikram Yoga a shot. But, what about your low tolerance for such bullshit? Okay, most yoga does not do it for me in a sense of challenge and strength, but this class entitled “Fire 60” from Sunstone Yoga really pushed my limits. Even if it was just a placebo/sauna effect, it worked! Even though I would never give up my beloved coffee, in fact I had a “Mocha Lite” Grande Frappucino before the class, but starting to understand why people go on detoxes, now, even if it should just be called fasts.

Sleep was pretty awesome last night. Only woke up about a few times and had some wicked cool dreams about teleportation and time travel. On a semi-related note, does anyone get the sense that processed or fast food contributes to vivid/weird dreams. Made the connection with nightmare and ramen noodles a while back, I am thinking the fact that I had a WhataChickn salad (don’t judge) made me have them. They weren’t nightmares, but very strange! I teleported to China, which my conscious mind has acknowledged for a while a desire to go to Asia, and not just for Puroland!  Food connecting with sleep kind of goes back to my holistic assertion regarding well being, but I would also add that the five things are all interconnected. Ugh, is it too late to get a BS, or perhaps MS, hell why not a PhD, in Nutrition? One of my advisers mentioned that going back for a degree is like having children, you don’t realize how bad it is until you are going through it. I cannot speak for the childbearing, but even trying to blog every day has been a challenge (a good one) so trying to focus that energy into thesis material and conforming to academic standards is not the most pleasurable of activities unless you are into that sort of thing.

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