Monday Motivation – makeup!

Day 19 or 20 (unsure of when I started) of my commitment to cosmetics. Today getting out of bed at even 8am was really tough. Drinking matcha tea has been a component to my beauty ritual, plus I hear that stuff is good for wrinkles. Win win! Here is your loveliness with her makeup done up:


trying my best to be a morning person.

Having that boost of confidence of doing your hair and looking nicer than usual has really helped me be motivated for other things such as daily walking and/or going to the gym, even has inspired me to keep a cleaner house! It is amazing how keeping one small habit going for the magical 21 days can cascade into other behaviors that are positive and healthy. It makes sense though, why other less than desirable habits (smoking, drinking, eating fast food) can create a trap of yuckiness. Not to get into a kooky “The Secret” rambling, but it does seem that good behaviors and intentions attract good feelings, and most likely good outcomes. Well, maybe like retail, in life “you get what you pay for”. Sounds hoakey, but I think it is true.

Speaking of bad behaviors, my activity levels for Saturday were about 13k steps and yesterday was 14k! However I was feeling a bit stressed out regarding some news I got last week, and also just generally hungry (probably running a severe deficit from all those steps) so there is the binging extravaganza: one ginormous honey bun (600 calories, OMG), oreo cakesters, penguino, and oreo brownsers. Wonder, if the clerk at the gas station thought I was stoned, hah! At least I am back down to 127, which is still a one pound loss from when I originally started MFP in 2010, just wish I was back down to 119 like I was this past summer, hopefully I will be “bikini ready” again this year, but who really cares about bikinis besides college girls on spring break? Correction, no matter if you are 16 or 61, you still care about bikins. If I make it to be 61, I hope I still look good in a bikini. Not sure how that rambling came about, but yay bikinis.

Hopefully I will have some good news tomorrow, just been a crazy week, and I would like there to be a good resolution, don’t want to divulge too much, just because I don’t want to cause any alarm in anyone who may read this who knows me IRL (if that even exists). I can’t do anything but hope for the best, right?


Foodie Friday – good and bad

Blue Baker has been sort of a new ritual for me. This past weekend, I did not super-over indulgence and opted for the smoked salmon salad. Normally, I am not a fan of tomatoes (except in salsa or pizza), but the sun-dried tomatoes were a rather nice touch. Capers are generally nasty, imo, but the rest of the salad was superb. Also, I can never pass up a good broccoli/cheddar. It tastes exactly like the one the have at Quizno’s and quite possibly acquired from the same supplier, but my palette is not refined enough to mind it, cheese is GOOD!


However on the opposite end of the spectrum, I splurged with a big ole Texican from Texidelphia, and yes that is ranch, and yes, I did dip my waffle fries into. I regret nothing! Well, actually it was quite calorically expensive, but it tasted fucking fantastic. One of my favorite places in Austin to eat. All of my favorite places to eat are very fattening, yet incredibly delicious. I think you could say that about any place, though.


Well, at least the Gym Pact earned me $1.16 last week. It is a good commitment, but I think I need to up the stakes to 5x a week. I usually just end up going Thursday-Sunday, which is good but the rest of the week needs some good sweaty attention, too! At least the numbers on the scale are dropping. The consistent measuring of food has been paying off, sure I have been eating pasta, but really 3 ounces is only like 30 calories and it is enough of an amount of food so that you are not dying of hunger. Also, the dog walking/running has supplied even more cardio, Lucy has become my personal trainer, hah! Well, my mind is a bit hazy from the Jack in the Box brain fog of lunch, zzzzzz, anyway, stay sweaty, my friends.

Foodie Friday: Rollin’

One of my favorite foods is sushi, but unfortunately it is not the cheapest fare. Thankfully, I live in Awesome, er Austin, TX and we own the franchise How Do You Roll?, and this place is just great because a) the food there is cheap, probably like Subway cheap, and b) the food is low calorie, and healthy, just look at what I constructed from their website:

You can make a sushi roll even with spicy mayo, and add a side of miso soup, and you will only be around 420 calories! If that isn’t bad ass, I don’t know what is. You will spend about $8 with a drink and soup, so yes, very reasonable for sushi. Also, the ingredients for the rolls are pretty healthy, if you want to opt for better carbs (and less calories) you can switch to brown rice in lieu of the white rice, and if you really wanted to get serious with your calorie cutting, you could opt out of the sauce entirely, ps the tempura crunch adds a lot of cals.

The inspiration for this post came from trying to construct a food choice that will have positive effects on stress, as outlined in this article. In the spirit of alliteration, I wanted to create a menu based on the items listed. Breakfast is easy: coffee, oatmeal, and berries. However, when I thought about lunch I remembered my newly created Saturday ritual which is getting HDYR from their Breaker/mopac location. Fortunately, we have two of the 7 items covered. I guess that means walnuts, dark chocolate and sunflower seeds for dindin. Strange, but I think it could work!

I have tried this roll and it is definitely delicious. Will have to report back with pictures.

Et tu, Tilapia?

Okay, so Julius Cesar is not my favorite play, just to clear that up! So, in addition to the Weight Watchers, I added some frozen Tilapia paties, because I thought they would add some healthy omega-3’s into my meal. It turns out that the opposite is true, and they are high in Omega-6’s, which I hear aren’t so great. Yippee… I couldn’t take a good picture of it with the lighting available, not sure why the browns and the oranges of my gorgeous frozen and reheated potatoes did not pop for the cameraphone. Not sure if it is the camera or the photographer, but this was the best I could get even with some working in Fireworks.

So there’s that.Of course, in trying to do any research in regards to Omega 6’s versus Omega 3’s, it can cause a bit of nutritional nausea (like that? I just made it up) Nutritional nausea is what happens when you become a bit obsessed with macro versus micro, glyemic load, omega 3:6 rations, carbohyrdate counting, or any of those things that people on a diet tend to consume, pardon the pun. It becomes its own stressful center of gravity, probably causing more cortisol, and oh shit, don’t want to raise those levels, am i right? I know way to much about this stuff for my own good. It becomes a bit of an addiction to find as much information as possible as a subject, but unfortunately this doesn’t make me an expert until I can put it into practice.

Lately I have been concerned with my sitting behaviors. With new news such as this,  it really scares me about how unhealthy my naturally sedentary life is. You know, besides the fact that I fucking smoke, idiot. Hey, quit talking that way to my friend Lauren. Anyway, conversations to myself aside, making healthy choices is imperative if you want any chance of losing weight or just living a better life. Seems like healthier people are happier, right? This stress needs to end, but it seems to be directly related to making better choices and the consquences that occur from the better choices. For example if money is a leading source of stress in your life, maybe not buy silly things such as fast food, yes, read my last entry, and budget for the bills that you will need to pay, or do something like consolidate your loans. Actually, I have considered moving out of Austin and teaching in a high-demand area for loan forgiveness. Even though living in one of those areas may be undesirable, the cost of living would probably be a lot less and my loans would be somewhat forgiven, of course that only costs 3 years of my life, so it is a give and take, I guess.

Well I hope anyone who reads this is making a healthy choice, last nights hot dog and macaroni “delight” was not very good (probably about 1000 calories just for the meal!!) but it sure was tasty and like $2, again, give and take.

Day Twenty-Three

If this don’t make your booty move, your booty must be dead. Okay, so the thing about motivation is that you are only going to do what you want to do, and I am finally finally learning this. I don’t think that I am a lazy person, in fact, I have this to prove that I am not:

That was my report yesterday that tracked my 90 minutes, yes 90!!, of dancing that I did to some kickass tunes. Not sure how dancing is factored into the device. Just from observing the step monitor, it would register multiple steps if I was bouncing up and down. Oh, it is aerobic alright, very fun and very bouncy. One thing I would like to improve is the sedentary time that is being recorded. If you look at this chart:

I still have nearly 12 hours of sedentary. I am no expert, but I think someone who is really dedicating their life to fitness should have a maximum of 10 hours of being sedentary, just for health purposes, but at least the numbers (not sure how accurate considering the weight might be a little off) reflect that yesterday I burned 2200 calories, cue the naysaying, “exercise won’t make you thinner” refrains. Yeah, I would probably be skeptical, except for this fact from MyFitnessPal:

This indicates (today is negative because I haven’t tracked yet) that I am actually at a deficit when I factor in the movement I am doing, so fuck yeah! But, back to this whole motivation thing. Reading this article kind of inspired me to get off my tush, because really you are the only person keeping you from not moving around, unless you have already been pushing yourself to the limit (I hadn’t), there is no excuse not to at least do SOMETHING! The best slogan in the world: Just Do It.

Music motivates me a lot, too. Kickboxing and spin classes are great but the music that gets played is just plain awful in my opinion. The neighbors and I got to enjoy my own version of this dance party where I flailed my arms, kicked my feet, and hopped in a manner that would more closely represent Julia Louis Dreyfuss in the late 1990’s rather than a sexy go-go dancer which at one time I could claim to be, could I? Regardless of how ridiculous I looked, it was so much fun to get all fist-pumping to the build up and breakdowns of the beats. Maybe, I am just a sucker for sequencing, overly pronounced kick drums, and vocoded lyrics, but these tunes really get my ass a shaking:

Also this one a bit NSFW, but so stompy:

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Day Seven

Wow, it has been a week! Fantastic. The scale hasn’t really budged downward, but it hasn’t gone upward either, but becoming stronger and smaller even if the numbers on the scale don’t reflect that. Using the FitBit has already been really fun. 10,000 steps seems totally doable with the hourly walks I have already been doing at work. Becoming concerned that I am not doing enough strength training to complement the cardio and yoga. That has always been a weak spot for me. Cardio is just more fun, in my opinion. Even if it is spending an hour on the treadmill, I have my tunes to keep me company as the miles and minutes pass. Weight lifting just seems more of a chore, counting reps and lifting things. I really wish my attitude could change about this, but lifting weights will always be boring to me, I am afraid.

Body weight exercises seem to be the compromise for me. Not sure if you can consider burpees more cardio or strength, but as sick as it sounds, I actually enjoy those just because they are so awful and tiring.  Push-ups, squats, and lunges  are without a doubt some great resistance drills, too. For a while my focus was on chin-ups and pull-ups at home, just need to carve out that extra time to do it.  Again, there is that needing to versus wanting to, how do you become intrinsically motivated to do something that you really just don’t like that much?

So, been meaning to right about something that I really find helpful in any journey, fitness or not. For us ENTP‘s this is not always something we do. I love this resource.  It really comes down to just doing the things that need to be done to live a less chaotic existence. Procrastination is the enemy of organization, but also, when you have everything purged and cleared, it becomes a lot less overwhelming and easier to get down to business. Sometimes a focus is just necessary. Pardon my nerdiness, but there is a good reason why your English teachers expected you to write an outline in your papers. Have a point-by-point objective in writing, and in life with a to-do list,  just really helps you get things accomplished. For me, the applications on smartphones are great, but really the old pen and paper works best for me. It may just be a tactile concreteness that motivates me, but it is more effective, and despite the technology, more convenient.

Will have some more insights tomorrow, I hope. Stay sweaty!

Day Six

Oh so exhausted, and it is barely 9:30. Who has two thumbs and worked out twice today? This gal! Feeling really accomplished from getting up at 6:30 am this morning and then getting my cycle on in spin class. The most effective way to do something is really just to do it. Writing about what you plan to do is no good, and psychology affirms this. Wish I had more things to say. Need to put a point by point outline. Organization. RaRaRa.. Fitness! Just real tired, *yawn*.

The FitBit arrived and pretty excited to use that. 10 floors of steps seems like a lofty goal, but it would be achievable for restroom breaks and the ridiculous amount of water I have been drinking lately, but probably sweated out a least a liter this morning and evening. Oh, the 5:15 wake up will be awful tomorrow, but if I make it to the bed by 10:30 tonight, will get a good 7 hours of sleep. Not sure about other people, but it seems like I only need about that much lately, even with achieving beast mode status at the gym.

I really can’t say enough good things about the classes I have been taking. Super motivating and super challenging, but I don’t think I am over-training. Emergen-C has really been a life-saver after the workouts and only has about 30 calories, which makes it a lot smarter to have as opposed to the typical sports drink which is comparable to a damn soda. No diet sodas for me today, btw. Another small victory, but still a long way to go.

So, really going to get more experience using the FitBit before giving a thorough evaluation from my oh so authoritative position. It’s funny because it isn’t true!