For the love of alliteration

Oh writing, it is such a cruel mistress at times. The burden of needing to be creative without the desire or inspiration. Okay, total lie, just been futzing around ALOT on Pinterest, busy with work, and otherwise stressed out to be focused or motivated to write. So, I guess my muse needs a bit of a direction, a map if you will. My solution for this is awkwardly assert alliteration (see what I did there) into every sense of this blog via the day of the week. So, for starters, we are going to have Motivation Monday, followed by Workout Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, and then Foodie Friday (was opting for fitness, too, but already have that covered, really!) Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday are still up for grabs. They could be “free” days I suppose, but having a specific thing to write about really forces you to get creative and focuses, thus making you better at writing.

Spin class was pretty fun on Monday, meant to go to it last night, but laziness sometimes prevails, oh hunger too. You mean fantastically appetizing meals such as this:

Aren’t keeping you full? No, they aren’t really. The weight watchers meals are pretty gross looking, yes Jezebel wrote an article on this, and yes it made me mad because it kinda shines the light back on me that despite having plenty of time on the weekend to pre-make visually appealing treats, I choose to hit the “Easy” button and go for the ugly frozen processed to hell and back meals. It really reminds me of this image I got from Facebook:

I would say that the luxury of not having children has let me accomplish about 5 out of the 6 listed above. It is meant to be humorous but I think there is not a really good reason that you can’t have more than 2 of those things done. Again, I don’t have children, so maybe there is something I am missing, but seriously ladies (and fellas) don’t be lazy! Speaking of number 2, I have been toying with the idea of rejoining the Whole 30 army, but at the same time, there are delightful things such as this:

sorry for the dirty desk and crappy cameraphone quality!

Even though we only have these at work because I requested them and it is the holidaze, the thought of having to give up my precious sweet treats for an extended period of time (again) seems cruel and unusual, but at the same time, I did closer to my Ideal Weight than I have in like 7 years. I want my yummyness, and I want my skinniness! It reminds one of this song:

But, anywho, the question remains What is a good category for Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday? Or should I leave them free days?


Paleo baking and almond meal

#nowplaying: The Cult – Pure Cult
Went to “The Egg and I” for breakfast this morning, and despite the multitude of Tex-Mex places that I have been to in Austin, I opted for the “Mexican Omelet” which included a flour (gasp) tortilla, seasoned fried potatoes (double gasp) and a tasty cheese egg and salsa covered wonder of an omelet. BTW, if you are thinking I am over-indulging, keep in mind I did walk about 5 miles at a 4 incline on the treadmill. Okay, so I did hold on the rails a bit more than I should, but hell 80 minutes of cardio should count for something, right Oh and a carafe of yummy hazel coffee. I only managed to get one snap, and that was after I completed my meal:

So, I attempted once again the Apple and Cinnamon muffins from PaleOMG, this time using more cinnamon and the right temperature for the muffins, success! So, yeah those were good, but for some reason I have had a gnawing sadness that just would not shake me today. Seriously, I have cried like 3 times today. It has been terrible, even with the caffeinated allure of Red Bull and copious amounts of coffee, I just have felt so lonely today. I feel like the friendships that I have built up in the past 5.5 years that I have resided in Austin have not meant anything, and that is a hard thing to digest. Really, the solution is to find some more compatible friends. I don’t think that there is anything fundamentally wrong with me as a person, but I can be a challenge to get along with, I certainly will admit.


So, yes, I freaking love baking apparently, but almond meal is very expensive. However, I realized that I actually have almonds on hand, and a quick search on google reveals that with the use of a food processor, this is super duper easy to make. I think you are supposed to use almonds sans skin, but I wanted to test it out with the halves that I have. The trick is not to grind them up too much, else you will end up with almond butter. I did start to notice this on the bottom of the food processor as the mixture was adhering to the sides, so yes, be very careful of this if you try it yourself. I used a Ninja food processor to make mine and here was the result:

Overall with the exception of skipping my yoga class (tomorrow is the free day of yoga, so I can double up) I was able to workout, clean, bake, and create something new. Admittedly, I am two beers deep, how else do you think my eloquence is so goddamned beautiful? My hair is a touch more platinum, and who doesn’t love that? By the way, The Cult is probably one of my favorite bands. I would have loved to see Ian Ashbury back when he was still hot (probably in the early 90’s and I would have been like 12) Anyway, I am rambling, so see you lovlies tomorrow. Happy Labor Day!

Whole 30 – Day 24

Drunken yoga, well not really, but this is the third time in a row that I have had lightheadedness and diziness in my practice. One likely culprit is that I like to drink coffee before I go and I believe the heat combined with the activity combined with the dehydration from coffee and having not had any water for 9 hours made me feel pretty crappy. So, next week, even though it will be difficult, I will hold off on the coffee pre-yoga, and just  wait until work for my caffeine jolt. Unfortunately, I even think Yerba (yucky) Matte has this same effect on me. So, it is time to switch out the coffee for water. To my cred, been pretty diligent with my workouts from Jackie Warner.  To the best of my memory, Weekly Wrap-up:

Sunday:  Chest, biceps, Abs – cardio intervals
Monday: legs, shoulders, abs – cardio intervals
Tuesday:  Back, triceps,  abs – cardio intervals
Wednesday: High Intensity Interval training
Thursday: Full body circuit training (all muscle groups)

Everyday this week except for yesterday, I have gone to practice, and mostly I have been walking at an incline on the treadmill to get the rest of the 10k steps. First world problem alert, first world problem alert: it bums me out that the WiFi at the gym isn’t working properly on my tablet anymore. I would much rather read an article or e-book than watch TV. Towards autumn, I will more likely be out at dusk getting my walks, and hopefully I will be able to take them with a Jack Russel terrier!

It is a good thing that I am doing so much activity, too, because last night I had an monster hunger attack eating probably more but we will only post it as half a cup of walnuts (350 calories, yikes!!) and an extra banana right before bed, just so I can store all that sugar as fat, yee-haw. It was definitely a binge, a healthy binge, but a binge, nonetheless. I suspect that it could be some feminine hormones afoot.  But, back to coffee, because no one wants to read about my cycle, I have finally found a beverage that I can drink without any creamer which would help me save some calories. If you are not one for the taste of coffee sans creamer, try the Medium Roast Starbucks Keurig cups. Moving on to the lunches, I have been staying pretty sugar-free during the day by sticking to pre-cooked food, enter chicken and asparagus four ways:

Yesterday, no picture but it was the chicken and asparagus with no side. All of the meals are pretty satisfying, good mixture of carbohydrate, protein, and fat and towards the end of the day I don’t feel as if I am about to die of starvatio, so that is a plus. Tomorrow marks another milestone  for me, so stay tuned!

Whole 30, Day 19

This weekend has been pretty productive, and yes I was a bit lazy yesterday, and if by lazy you mean cleaning up the kitchen, cooking, meal planning, grocery shopping, kickboxing, and yoga, then yes I was a bit lazy for not posting. (oh and I caught an episode of Awkward on Hulu). Decided finally to get down to making this program work for me and not be so reliant on sugars even if from fruit to get through the day, and with the exception of the morning kombucha, I was pretty successful. Another thing which I forgot to post about was some food hacks I have learned through experimentation, and invention. I present to you some thing that I figured out to get iced coffee that is creamy without adding dairy. Hint, you buy this at the Vietnamese Grocery store, it is about $3. The reason why I say invention is that I noticed after I bought this that there was a sticker that said this product would need to be used by 3 days, and if you notice on the bottom, there is about 33 ounces of this.

Coconut Cream

Had to figure out some way to preserve this, naturally the freezer comes to mind so voila:

I have to give my bf credit for coming up with the idea of putting them into ice trays, but it was a very successfully executed experiment, more actions shots:

Not so sure what the calorie count is because the box did not have nutritional information, but according to MFP raw coconut cream is about 90 calories per tablespoon and that is high but not surprising since the coffee has a bit of an oil slick to it once the cubes have melted, kinda like an executive coffee vegan style.

So, one of the criticisms by the uninformed about the challenge is that it is an “Atkins apologist”. Now, this is kinda stupid. Yes, I have read stuff by Gary Taubes and others who promote eating mostly eggs, cheese, and lots of meat, and even tried it myself. It was not very pleasant for me, and needed some more carbs to make me not wanting to stab someone in the face with a fork. Now, I do agree with the carbohydrate curve, which according to is the notion to stay in the sweet spot of burning calories from fat and not sugar, you should stay under 100 grams of carbohydrate  and that is what I have been doing and what has really been working for me. 20 grams which is what Taubes recommends is pretty extreme and nearly impossible to eat any kind of vegetables, plus and I know this is TMI, it plugs you up like a damn stopper.  If you stay within the range of 50-100 grams, you can eat a lot more veggies and even a modest amount of fruits. I wanted to really show that my diet isn’t just a bunch of meat, in fact it mostly plant-based, but yes I have some yummy free-range and grass fed flesh to go with my greens:

Paleo grocery list

In their full glory, sorry for the bad lighting:

Eating this way certainly is more visually appealing as you can see. It really does go back to the old saying “You are what you eat”. My skin and hair look more vibrant and I feel less sluggish than when I ate a diet rich in Vitamin TC (taco cabana I will always hold a place in my heart for you) As I have really been addicted to movement lately, posting this and  trying to wrangle all of these pictures in WP has been a bit of a challenge and equalled more ass in the chair time, so I must get up and do something, perhaps this will be a double post day, but probably not, much to restless for that!

Day Thirteen

The coffee didn’t help, well yes and no, more poetic and prosey than normal. Feel like a wrung out wash rag and the proof is in the disgustingly sweaty shorts and top  drying out in my car (gross).  My size three pants are nearly cutting off the circulation, pride sure is a bitch sometimes. Keep telling myself that I might have just shrunk them in the laundry this week, but my freshly baked muffin top spilling over says otherwise. Gurgling, writhing stomach screams out for any kind of sustenance besides coffee and water. Today was tough, multiple times during my practice, I fell out of poses, dizzy and lightheaded, but again that pride kept me from stopping, perhaps making me enjoy the process a bit less. L’eggo my ego. I am old for making that reference.  Exhausted, limp noodling into the office kitchen for another dose of caffeine, this time no creamer or any sweetener, just to get used to taste without any pansyness. Use a straw. Suck it up. Hopefully, too much of the BPA in the plastic won’t leach out into my precious temple of a body. Everything is bad for you.

Paleo pre-gaming last night, well sort of. The sauce had some extra sugars that would be frowned on, but regardless here is the recipe:

  • 2 cups stir-fry vegetables (bought frozen, thawed in refrigerator)
  • 4 ounces of boneless skinless chicken.
  • lots of tumeric
  • some paprika
  • a big spoonful of minced garlic
  • 1 tbsp Louisiana wing sauce
  • 1 tbsp of House of Tsang, Bangkok Padang peanut sauce
  • choice of oil for cooking

Method: Preheat sauté pan to 5 or 6 with oil for a few minutes. While pan is preheating, chop the chicken into small pieces. Add chicken until the pink spots are gone. Add vegetables. Add spices. Cook for about 5-6 minutes, add the garlic towards the end to not scorch it. Cook for a few more minutes to get rid of excess liquid(otherwise it will have more of a broth consistency).  Once vegetables are done, drizzle wing sauce and peanut sauce. Enjoy! According to MFP, this dinner is 425 calories, obviously this will be more, the more sauce/oil you use.

Eat some dang breakfast.