I heart turmeric!

Someone needs to make a stop at Penzeys because this gal is out of my favorite spice. When there are so many other sexy flavors such as cayenne and the answer really lies in curcumin. Although the studies cited in that page may not translate to humans, it certainly does not hurt to add it to your food, in fact, it probably makes you less hurt from your workouts, due to its anti-inflammatory effects, so that is a definite plus. Also, there is research to suggest that its chemicals have the ability to block subcutaneous fat, which is the fat that no one really likes. My poor little bottle needs to be filled up again!

Took a break from my ritual (well it wasn’t really so much established yet) to try a noodle place in Austin called Chen-Z. I am not too familiar with this hot pot business, so I decided on just getting the “Chen Z original” which contained some noodles and vegetables that I am also not familiar with (sorry, I am not really a foodie, I just pretend to be one on the internet).


The appetizer was decent, had sort of a vinegary flavor. The table next to me almost kept me from enjoying the meal with their needless political chatter, but I was able to shit-talk on twitter, and distract myself with my phone to enjoy the meal.


The noodle broth and meat reminded me a bit of Pho, but I think they were egg based? Regardless really tasty, if not a bit heavy for a Saturday lunch.  The Wal-Mart expedition after lunch prompted me to go cheap, super cheap, on food, because I wanted to get new linens and needed a new vacuum. It is disgusting how inexpensive these items are, and yes I am a bit hypocritical because I feel like such a conscientious consumer for watching all these documentaries, yet I still buy a $40 vacuum cleaner.  The big steals of the day are .67 Thai rice noodles, and pictured below $1.00 for double pack of scalloped potatoes. There is some joke about rapper potatoes that I don’t feel like making, you know fitty cents? –because it is a twin pack, hyuck.


Because I feel like I have done enough self-bashing for one day, I won’t mention how pissed I am for weighing 128 pounds, and that is taking into account the diuretic effect of the cabbage. So, yeah, it is noted, and I am not happy about it. Only way to fix it is to tighten up that diet. Sure the processed food is not doing me any favors. Considering getting back on the Whole 30, like everyone else and their mom come January, and it seems doable. Going on a diet during the holidays sucks ass, and I actually want to have fun at my stepsisters shindig this year, as I had to awkwardly pass up the yummy dairy and carbohydrate delights, and the booze, of course. The drinks are easy to pass up, but the food is not. I am only human, ya know, but do I really want to be this heavy? It certainly is a choice that you have to make.


…and cabbage, and bullshit

Besides making you have have atomic gas the next day, just eating cabbage for dinner is a great little meal that depending on what you use to boil it with happens to be primal and vegan! Unfortunately, I only had the margarine, so the “inferior” oils won for that round, but I bet it would be good with coconut or olive oil. The only issue is that it doesn’t really stick with you through the evening, so adding a protein such as boiled eggs (Yes, I actually feel sorry for my coworkers today… girl you nastay!)  Also, some grapefruit as a dessert beats the heck out of the post-dinner gas station cupcakes/zingers that I was starting to make an unhealthy habit of consuming.


Been a bit bad when it comes to early morning food, too. Because I feel a bit calorically taken hostage by the Starbuck’s Double Shot Energy drinks at 200 calories a can, I tend to not eat much of anything during the rest of the day. This of course, makes me super hungry at night, and then likely to binge on something really gross and not at all fitspiring.

Speaking of working out, I have my trackpants on, just because I don’t know what professionalism is, and I want to go to the gym straight after work, at least I opted for the t-shirt and sports’ bra in the purse, so I maintain some workplace appropriateness. Anywho, was dancing last night, and for whatever reason, I had one of my favorite EDM albums on,  and yet still my moves were not really that great. I guess because the dream is dying for me of ever being on stage in a dance capacity again. Hell, it was probably dead 2 years ago, but I had some dream of doing it again. I would like to DJ again, if I actually knew how to (college radio doesn’t count), but I don’t know how to beatmatch, and it seems silly to take lessons with 18 year olds. Even if I will never perform again, never say never Justin Beiber, it shouldn’t stop me from enjoying the movement of dance, but somehow my histrionic tendencies know that I will never get the attention I so desperately crave. I am 31. I should really get over that shit. I think I just need a bigger space to hoop in. I think I can enjoy that and maybe one day, I will get to be as good as Neon Emu, a local hoopdancing star. She really is awesome. I have to give her props for her energy and integration of tricks into dancing:

I need to find a practice space big enough, as I can do some of those tricks, but the isolation stuff with the horizontal plane is something I have never been good at. Excuses, excuses. The nagging insecurity of everything being too late for me, or being a copycat, or being embarrassing to myself, just ultimately leads to most of my depression. Wish there was a pill to take that made you fearless. Hey girl, try not to have such a bad day today. I know it is all cloudy and raining, but things could be so much worse. Let’s not get too out of hand, here.

Just in case you don’t get the title reference, here you go:

Clearing out the clutter

Second day of Squatober, and boy are my hammies screaming. Surprisingly my glutes are not very sore at all, perhaps they are as lifted as they are going to get from all the stairs and the dancing. Insomnia struck again this morning, not sure what time, but it was still dark out, so it probably was around 4:30 or 5 am. This is for the birds, it is keeping me from getting to my 7:30 class, really just considering of cancelling the membership if I can’t make it to the class, on the weekdays or weekends, but I don’t want to feel like a quitter either. 4 weeks or 28 days until Halloween, if I put my efforts towards attending class from tomorrow onward, I can get an orange focus bracelet from Sunstone, because I really need to get past the vagina chakra (what? I am not making this up!) Urrrgah, legs are really sure, not sure how I am going to dance tonight, but I will certainly try. Want to find the best mix of hard music and rhythm so that I am not just flailing around, but I am simply better than Gangham style.

Last night, I got rid of a slue of books/magazines and sold (if you really want to call it that) them to Half Priced Books for $6. On the bright side, they were kinda just taking up space in the office, but man, I was really hoping for at least $10, come on, no one wants to buy a Flash 8 book? Yeah, pretty much all outdated software, and some fitness books. I imagine by how many copies of some of their fitness books, that they are highly devalued,  just economics, baby.  But, hey, after a few days of clean-ish eating I was able to get back to 120.8 this morning. Freaking sodium, I knew I did consume a lot with the foods this weekend, but I didn’t think I would retain 3 pounds of water. My belly even looked bloated, really sure that was actual fat, and some of it is, but my clothes do feel a bit loser today than they did on Sunday. No more Chinese takeout for me, well unless I want to freak out for a few days about my weight, and who really needs that?  One bit of complaint is that my arms feel way too soft, like I feel like if I wagged them really hard I could use them as propellers and take them to Japan without having to worry about airfare! (it is one of my goals this birth year to go to another continent) Perhaps, a Curlvember?

I do eat a lot of stir-fry when I cook.  Because I try to stick with mostly paleo at least at home, I don’t make the yummy yummmmy fried rice that we get from the takeout. Even with the effort of having to get the groceries and cook for yourself, there is a bit of advantage when you have the control of cooking it by yourself. I have not gotten the trick of sauce yet, however with clean ingredients. For example, I tried to get a beef/broccoli base with ingredients such as coconut aminos, coconut flower, olive oil, and coconut oil. I think if I would have actually started cooking the broccoli sooner, the sauce would have not burned and I would have a better consistency, so yes the sauce became a little bit clumped (probably should have not added the almond meal, either), however the taste was good and that is really what matters, right?:

Paleo baking and almond meal

#nowplaying: The Cult – Pure Cult
Went to “The Egg and I” for breakfast this morning, and despite the multitude of Tex-Mex places that I have been to in Austin, I opted for the “Mexican Omelet” which included a flour (gasp) tortilla, seasoned fried potatoes (double gasp) and a tasty cheese egg and salsa covered wonder of an omelet. BTW, if you are thinking I am over-indulging, keep in mind I did walk about 5 miles at a 4 incline on the treadmill. Okay, so I did hold on the rails a bit more than I should, but hell 80 minutes of cardio should count for something, right Oh and a carafe of yummy hazel coffee. I only managed to get one snap, and that was after I completed my meal:

So, I attempted once again the Apple and Cinnamon muffins from PaleOMG, this time using more cinnamon and the right temperature for the muffins, success! So, yeah those were good, but for some reason I have had a gnawing sadness that just would not shake me today. Seriously, I have cried like 3 times today. It has been terrible, even with the caffeinated allure of Red Bull and copious amounts of coffee, I just have felt so lonely today. I feel like the friendships that I have built up in the past 5.5 years that I have resided in Austin have not meant anything, and that is a hard thing to digest. Really, the solution is to find some more compatible friends. I don’t think that there is anything fundamentally wrong with me as a person, but I can be a challenge to get along with, I certainly will admit.


So, yes, I freaking love baking apparently, but almond meal is very expensive. However, I realized that I actually have almonds on hand, and a quick search on google reveals that with the use of a food processor, this is super duper easy to make. I think you are supposed to use almonds sans skin, but I wanted to test it out with the halves that I have. The trick is not to grind them up too much, else you will end up with almond butter. I did start to notice this on the bottom of the food processor as the mixture was adhering to the sides, so yes, be very careful of this if you try it yourself. I used a Ninja food processor to make mine and here was the result:

Overall with the exception of skipping my yoga class (tomorrow is the free day of yoga, so I can double up) I was able to workout, clean, bake, and create something new. Admittedly, I am two beers deep, how else do you think my eloquence is so goddamned beautiful? My hair is a touch more platinum, and who doesn’t love that? By the way, The Cult is probably one of my favorite bands. I would have loved to see Ian Ashbury back when he was still hot (probably in the early 90’s and I would have been like 12) Anyway, I am rambling, so see you lovlies tomorrow. Happy Labor Day!

Whole 30 – Day 31

Good morning, early birdies. Who has two thumbs and is drinking coffee with coffeemate and a teaspoon of sugar? This gal! My god, have you learned nothing?? Nope, I feel so good that I surprisingly have zero cravings for fast food (right now) and I feel like I could easily integrate being gluten free. I have a little bit of anxiety about a “paleo” muffin I consumed and not made by me while on the Whole 30, however, as I noticed most of the muffin recipes  do contain honey. But, you know, if I was not concerned about the possibility of added sugars in the cured meats I ate, then why should I stress about something like that. Regardless, I feel like this right now:

Oh and just because Hyper Crush is rockin’ so much bass (I can’t even feel my face):

I really want to reward myself. Not so much with food, but perhaps a year membership to Planet Fitness. They are kinda ghetto, though, no classes or any amenities, but a crapload better than the gym in the apartment clubhouse, plus there is a Groupon today. Perhaps, I should more focus on my goals with the yoga, though. I can understand why people like to go somewhere to workout, though. In my not so distant youth, I would often go to the bar just to get out of my apartment, needless to say that this can get a bit expensive. But definitely can’t afford that anymore, so my since of wanderlust needs to be quenched with something, because even though we do have a workout area, it just feels like a mini adventure, plus I would feel smug as hell to be mayor of a fitness establishment on Foursquare. How very dorky! So, what is everyone’s experience with PF? I would only be getting the $10 (technically it would be $8.25) do you think that it is worth it? Since I have a few days to decide, I will do some further contemplation on it and decide what I will do. If they offer free wifi in the gym, it will be hard to say no, I can tell you that.

So, results results results. Happy to report that my waistline is about 25″ and that I weighed in at 117 this morning! Okay, so last time I weighed in about 2 weeks ago, I was around 119. Really only a net loss of about 2 pounds, but I am going to defer to this article in defense of such a low number. I was talking about the program and already I feel like an ambassador to It Starts With Food, recommended that my coworker at least check it out from the public library (I bought it before I realized that it was available for free) I can’t pinpoint what exactly is making my feel better, but certainly the combination has affected me. The diet plus yoga has done something,  and maybe the cardio and strength are not the biggest priorities (why the hell did I call my blog fitorama, then?) but I manage to squeeze in 10k steps and that is a daunting accomplishment in itself. Well, as Drake would say, “it’s far from over”:

Whole 30 – Day 28

No yoga today, but as mentioned I obtained the Muladhara bracelet from Sunstone on Saturday. As a naturally inquisitive person, I wanted to know more about this bracelet that I have been wearing everyday, and just about chakras in general. Before you think that I am tripping out and falling into some pseudo-scientific hippy dippy vortex, I have to reassure you (and myself) that I will not be buying any chakra plates, fountains, or any other “opening” devices touted by oppurtunistic scoundrels. One could argue, however, that I have already bought into it by wearing the bracelet only obtained by purchasing. One could also stick a sock in it and stop being such a negative Nancy, said to my skeptical self, of course. Anyway, I had heard from a vague ill-defined source that chakras actually represent never centers in the brain, though a quick search on Wikipedia only references this as the citation for these claims, so it really seems dubious at best. Also, for smiles and giggles, I searched ScienceDaily and scholar.google.com for the term “chakra” and there was nothing to be found for this term

Regardless of whether or not chakras exist, the actual systems of the body exist and that is backed up by evidence, so we can rejoice that there is some empirical evidence. It just distills into being “interesting” which is my point. Since, I am practicing yoga, putting aside my skepticism, I have also researched yogic poses to correspond with the muldhara chakra, and really have found some inconsistency between the various webpages. It reminds me of horoscopes, feng shui, and tarot, the interpretations of the signs, directions, and cards are totally left up to the person who is trying to sell you on it. All of these are good shows to watch from Penn and Teller’s Bullshit, by the way. If you are trying to approach this analytically, it would be reasonable to expect that there would be a consistency within the practice that would be reliably reported from the various sources, granted my methodology was based on searching from people who may or may not be “experts” and have something to sell, and we all know that people on the internet don’t lie! Okay, so the one thing I did find was that the Mountain Pose and Warrior sequence popped up a few times, so rule of thumb, you want to get down with your genitals (hey I am not the pervert, blame the internet) do some of these sanding asanas. Okay, probably as red as the chakra just from the embarassing topic, so moving on.

Today I got my Yummy Farms groupon delivery and the star of the show was the peaches, following by the very tasty sweet potatoes. I puréed some of the yellow tomatoes, diced up the green pepper and sautéed the chicken and onion I had with this, and added some almonds for extra credit, and probably shouldn’t have added the serrano pepper, but live dangerously, right? Garlic, cumin and tumeric, all day long, too.

Well, as I digest this lovely dinner, my FitBit gently reminds me to get off my booty before it flattens into the chair and I am sure a quick look would reveal that I have been sedentary for 10+ hours. This is unacceptable and must be resolved by some kind of workout. What will it be, what will it be?