Beware the ides of Squatober.

Okay so I am not really doing that as well as I should, but I love the idea of starting over as it were on the 15th of a month. Maybe it is because I get paid bi-monthly, and without having to pay rent, it kinda makes me feel like it is bonus money which gives me a sense of freedom (well not really because I got them student loans) But anyway, the 15th represents a chance of renewal, that you can salvage the rest of the 31 days and start fresh even on a new month.


Sunday, I came up with kind of a spicy special sauce for my paleo(ish) remixed sandwich. It is low-carb, but the mayo is store bought, which is not primal compliant, BFD. I am so over it, but really I am just mad because the one time I tried making the mayo with egg whites and olive oil, it was a big-time failure. I haven’t tried since then, but I should.  At any rate, the sauce I made used generic mayo, Frank’s red hot wing sauce, and minced garlic, and it had just the right amount of creaminess, spiciness, and healthy benefit with the garlic. Not so sure it was the best thing calorie-wise, but the lettuce and chicken really needed some sort of sauce to make it actually be appealing.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. No yoga, and it is looking more and more like no orange bracelet by the end of this month, which sucks, but it is what it is. I may skip breakfast tomorrow, but I freaking love those nopalitos. Excuse Monday was  that my boyfriend needed the car because his has been having a lot of difficulties lately and I didn’t want to come back to pick him up. Yesterday’s excuse was that the night before I woke up around 3:00 AM and could not get back to sleep until like 4:30-5am. BTW, did you know that Jerry Springer has a dating show now? Maybe the world really is ending in 2012. This morning, what was my excuse, well I simply didn’t have one. I feel like I am going to sabotage myself with the work breakfast tomorrow, even though it is optional for me, but hopefully I will be strong.

My skin situation has really been ticking me off. I am not sure if it is acne, or if I am allergic to something, but I have been getting these bumps on my forehead and has seem to coincide with my hot yoga, so I am wondering if it is just not washing my face thoroughly enough after yoga, but I did buy these special face cleansers, so I am not sure. I was looking into Proactiv, but if you look at the reviews on Amazon, all of them mention the sheisty Auto-Pay system that Guthy Renker uses to send them. They have kiosks at the mall for it, so that might be something that would better serve me just paying the extra money not to have my debit card information held hostage. How about you audience, have you had any experience (good or bad) with Proactiv for breakouts?

Of course, the stress from money problems could be the cause of the breakouts, and really I don’t know what to do about that. I am actually taking some strides in making better choices financially.  Instead of my normal salon, I am going to Avenue Five, which is a beauty school, and it is significantly cheaper then the one I had been going to, like $45 instead of $125. I figure the worst that could happen is they fry my hair and I have to get a wig, KIDDING, but seriously all the yelp reviews were good, so yeah. Okay, yes, be judgmental and say that I could just avoid going to the salon and have my natural hair, pish posh, what madness is that?
Besides, now that I started my DIY tanning and do not have a gym membership, I figure I can allot that money towards my hair. The last time I tried to DIY bleaching my roots, it was a disaster, so I have learned to not do that!

Well, not much else to say, so hope you are having a Wonderful Wednesday. Stay sweaty, my friend!


Foodie Friday

All of my intentions yesterday were set to make up for the wonderful Nopalitos I had from Vasquez . I estimated around 800 to 1000 calories were consumed. That is insane for someone my size. Even, my salad was primal (okay if you want to get nit-picky, the almonds and cashews were roasted in peanut oil, the horror!) By the way, if you ever wanted to know if you can do primal and vegan, the answer is totally. I don’t think this is technically raw, because of the nuts, but there are no animal products. I would not recommend this path as it was lacking a certain substantial mouth-feel that in my opinion can only be obtained with a fattiness/protein of a meat or cheese source,  but the flavoring of the salt and oil gave the vegetables a semblance of dressing, even if a bit dry.

I have a hard time working out when I am incredibly hungry, so immediately I had to make some dinner last night, in lieu of strapping on the sneakers and heading to the clubhouse. My favorite recipe on the Whole 30 was the mashed cauliflower, I believe this is something that I could make very easily instead of the chemical crappiness of package mashed potatoes. I use the term foodie ironically, but with the exception of a few cup o ramens, I have been really into constructing my own dishes lately. It took way too long to mash these up, I had not cut off the root part of the vegetable, which was causing me great distress. After stabbing the mixture multiple times, I took it out to discover that this bottom part was keeping the machine from properly processing it. Once removed, it was a simple few minutes to have this mashed goodness. So, remember, be sure to properly decapitate your cauliflower before processing, or else it will not be a fun time.


Not pictured is the coconut aminos I used to flavor the grilled squash I prepared. This stuff is awesome. Very soy-sauce like taste without being full of soy, so it rocks like that.  Just so you know, aside from my normal walks, not only did I not lift anything heavy, I actually lifted something light.. a cupcake from Hey Cupcake! to my mouth. Oh. My. God. Okay, yeah definitely not paleo, but only one, and let me tell you, the law of diminishing returns does not apply for this taste of heaven. I had the Double Dose chocolate flavored one with some strawberry milk from the gas station. It is almost like I want my diet to fail. After being hungry all damn day, I figured there was a slight justification for indulgence. No, it doesn’t make me feel any less guilty for it, but it could be something worse like alcohol or smoking.

The only thing I can do is move forward and yes I did do some Vinyasa (or at least I think that is what it is based off of) flow this morning via Metal 60. Today was my 30th class and only 20 more classes until my orange focus bracelet, which is kinda cool. The skinnier/younger/hotter chicks in my class who also happen to be more flexible do not bother me as much, but inspire me to take my practice further. It would be so cool be able to do the standing splits or monkey pose, or Scorpion Pose even but it really up to me and no one else to be able to accomplish these goals. In order to get my bracelet by October 1st, I will need to go every single day, except on my Thursday breakfasts, but it is so much more than a stupid little piece of rubber, if all of my classes are half-ass then what would be the point of having 50+ hours of yoga under my belt. I really need to get focused and be present, that might just be the biggest challenge in the practice. Well, time to get off my tuckus and do my hourly walk, stay sweaty, stretchy and sexy!