Day Twenty-Two

Get it together. Skipped gym time again, but really not feeling so bad about it, considering this article. I already knew that considering this article that came out three years ago. I have no good reason for pussing out on my class, and I never do. Despite being basically worthless for weight loss, the fitness industry would have you believe differently, it makes you feel better for sure, and I like feeling good, so where was the disconnect. Well, for starters, I had a lovely bought of nausea toward mid-afternoon. Seemed really strange considering that I ate super clean, but I didn’t hydrate enough, so there might have been the problem, plus according to Dr. Google, some of the effects of not getting enough food is nausea, so having a few pieces of fruit really helped. Truth is, I could have gone last night, but I just didn’t feel like it. Plus, I knew that I would be going to yoga this morning. And yes,  SMASHED IT, BRO!!

Earth is becoming more of a favorite now, there are more downward dog poses and a few chataranga sequences to really get those triceps screaming, and I dig that. Plus with the Fire, the heat is really just so intense that if you skip eating or something, you can really be in trouble. I like the variation of not going every day like I had been, this way, I am taking all the five different course offerings. Tried to schedule it so that I was doing something every day, like cardio one day, and then yoga the next because as I mentioned weight lifting is booooring to me, and even if it is cardio-overload, IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOOOD! Besides this chick doesn’t lift weights and she looks pretty good! So yeah, not gonna give up on the BodyRock workouts, but for some reason the fact that they are on a video gives me a license to really slack off, and I just can’t afford a personal trainer right now (so many excuses), if I could I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog right now, heyoooo.

Okay, that is just the carb spike from the sweet potatoes talking, back to business. One week of w30 down, 3 to go! They are absolutely right in that I feel a lot better, the energy that I am putting in my body feels cleaner, even if that is just some nutritional wizardry that the diet industry uses to sell books, I really feel like the food I am eating is infinitely better than the Standard American Diet.  So far, I have been introducing myself to “Chef Mike” ..yes yes, as non-primal/paleo as it is to use radiation to cook your meals, in the interest of time, I blasted my eggs this morning for 90 seconds and produced this:

Not too shabby, eh? For today’s lunch and last night’s supper, I used the microwave for sweet potatoes. You really can’t screw up a potato, they are supposed to get mushy! As you can see, I was not totally class-less, and  prepared my un-taco chicken on the stove, like a real 31 year old:

Adding cinnamon is key to making sweet potatoes taste interesting without having to add gobs of butter – sigh – oh butter. At any rate, I am feeling pretty energetic today. Hopefully, yesterday’s nausea will not make a reappearance today and I can get my butt moving at some point.