Whole 30 – Day 28

No yoga today, but as mentioned I obtained the Muladhara bracelet from Sunstone on Saturday. As a naturally inquisitive person, I wanted to know more about this bracelet that I have been wearing everyday, and just about chakras in general. Before you think that I am tripping out and falling into some pseudo-scientific hippy dippy vortex, I have to reassure you (and myself) that I will not be buying any chakra plates, fountains, or any other “opening” devices touted by oppurtunistic scoundrels. One could argue, however, that I have already bought into it by wearing the bracelet only obtained by purchasing. One could also stick a sock in it and stop being such a negative Nancy, said to my skeptical self, of course. Anyway, I had heard from a vague ill-defined source that chakras actually represent never centers in the brain, though a quick search on Wikipedia only references this as the citation for these claims, so it really seems dubious at best. Also, for smiles and giggles, I searched ScienceDaily and scholar.google.com for the term “chakra” and there was nothing to be found for this term

Regardless of whether or not chakras exist, the actual systems of the body exist and that is backed up by evidence, so we can rejoice that there is some empirical evidence. It just distills into being “interesting” which is my point. Since, I am practicing yoga, putting aside my skepticism, I have also researched yogic poses to correspond with the muldhara chakra, and really have found some inconsistency between the various webpages. It reminds me of horoscopes, feng shui, and tarot, the interpretations of the signs, directions, and cards are totally left up to the person who is trying to sell you on it. All of these are good shows to watch from Penn and Teller’s Bullshit, by the way. If you are trying to approach this analytically, it would be reasonable to expect that there would be a consistency within the practice that would be reliably reported from the various sources, granted my methodology was based on searching from people who may or may not be “experts” and have something to sell, and we all know that people on the internet don’t lie! Okay, so the one thing I did find was that the Mountain Pose and Warrior sequence popped up a few times, so rule of thumb, you want to get down with your genitals (hey I am not the pervert, blame the internet) do some of these sanding asanas. Okay, probably as red as the chakra just from the embarassing topic, so moving on.

Today I got my Yummy Farms groupon delivery and the star of the show was the peaches, following by the very tasty sweet potatoes. I puréed some of the yellow tomatoes, diced up the green pepper and sautéed the chicken and onion I had with this, and added some almonds for extra credit, and probably shouldn’t have added the serrano pepper, but live dangerously, right? Garlic, cumin and tumeric, all day long, too.

Well, as I digest this lovely dinner, my FitBit gently reminds me to get off my booty before it flattens into the chair and I am sure a quick look would reveal that I have been sedentary for 10+ hours. This is unacceptable and must be resolved by some kind of workout. What will it be, what will it be?