I could only imagine how fit I would be, if I danced non-stop to something like this, of course my gym bans social media including YouTube (wtf?, no BodyRock?), so whatever. [it even has a 7 minute intro track, great for warming up]

Actually, I have falling off the wagon quite a bit this week. Even with the workout tips last week, there has been a bit of stress and struggle to get things up and running. Not sure where the motivation went, well for one, the apartment has been super messy and it sorta reflects how irresponsible I have been with money planning and also food planning.  Been trying to hone my photography skills, even if I don’t have the best tools available: HTC EVO 3D camera, here are some shots, please do leave feedback. These are mostly unedited, so I am anxious to know if I am getting better:


Vasquez Taco: Nopalitos Plate ~ 750 Calories


Noodles and Company: Small Japanese Pan Noodles – 320 calories


Thai Kitchen (prepared at home) noodles ~ 160 calories


How Do you Roll – 3 alarm roll: 381 calories

The Japanese noodles were very flavorful, however, had to eat the Thai noodles to feel satisfied later. Yes, attendance at the gym has been less than desired, and really it is due to a lack of preparedness on my part, but at least my photos suck less, right? Need to work on lighting for sure,  but without having any knowledge of the art of photography it seems the composition of the photos is better, and they are less blurry, so I am getting there!


Thankful Thursday

I spend a lot of time complaining and really, it just seems so stupid and just wrong. Everyone has a tough life to a certain extent even if you are showering in money, I am sure that there are problems that arise with that! Not going to beat myself up for complaining so much because that would be counter-productive. So, instead I am going to take a few moments to not focus so much on fitness, mainly because I did not really do anything last night, wamp wamp.

Well, I suppose I can do it with pictures from last night. Let’s start with those damn $1.50 margaritas. Even though this isn’t the most healthy thing to be indulging, my wallet is definitely thankful, plus the serving size for these are pretty small so my waistline is as well, teehee. What a great sunset we had last night, with the weather cooling off and whatnot, I just had to get out of the apartment. But, yes, here is some food, as unhealthy as it is, I ate “fancy” ramen noodles that were super spicy. The brand was Shin Raymun, and was about 560 calories for the whole thing, and probably had way more sodium than I need but boy they were yummy. The vegetable like things were pretty tasty as well!

It looks a little bit like brains especially with the spicy sauce. Happy early Halloweeeen!

For din din, my love cooked me a hamburger and it would have been low carb had I not immediately devoured (not shown) two slices of bread immediately after I ate the lettuce-wrap yumminess. He made the caramelized onions to go with it. Very sweet and sweet that he cooked me dinner. Oh jeeze, I think I am going to puke, haha. No, but seriously, I am very thankful to have such a thoughtful person in my life. We have had our ups and downs, but ultimately I think I am going to be wtih this person for a very long time, don’t want to jinx anything but really we ultimately are just the right amount of crazy for each other, haha I am kidding, but not really!

The visual appeal was kinda ruined when I added the dijon mustard, but still so very good!

The boyfriend also directed me to take pictures. He had the good idea to get the palm tree with the moon in the background, and I wielded the phone to snap the shot. Not the most professional, but in terms of composition, I think it is pretty good, and I am thankful that I can practice being creative so that I have more of a fulfilling life! Learning more that in terms of creativity, I am more of an execution and technical person, which kinda surprises me because I test as an ENTP,  but the Myers-Brigg happens to be on Quackwatch, believe it or not.


This looks like it could have been taken on the beach with the palm tree and sunset, but it was in the parking lot of Taco Cabana in Austin, TX!


Here is another atypical Texas sunset, reminds me of the beach, also.

We had some fun toward the end of the night. Here are some shots from the coolest bathroom in Austin at The Hole in the Wall on Guadalupe St. Fitting, haha.

I don’t know what a cakedump is, but it sounds painful!

Hey look, it is one of my favorite Pete Yorn songs.

I just really want to take the time to thank myself for being awesome. As cocky as it sounds, I may slack off at work from time to time, but after the documentation meeting, I realize that I am a powerhouse of productivity,  a one woman team for both documentation and support is pretty impressive, even if the volume is a lot less than say, a call center, it still makes me happy that I can pull all of that off, and while I don’t get paid as much as I think I should, I still get appreciation from my boss and respect from everyone in the company, and for that I am very thankful.

Oh, September

This month, is just not starting out on the right foot. Spending a bit too much money on cab fares, restaurants, and bars has got me in a bit of a financial crunch, but at least most of my bills are paid for this month, so that is good. The holiday kinda threw me off, and I realize that is a piss poor excuse to let my intentions go to hell, but it is what happened. In August I had worked so hard in getting my diet/exercise plan on track and I really made some strides, but it seems like I have not really laid the tracks for this month to set up my success, and as the old adage goes, “failing to plan is planning to fail” I had planned on doing what I so cleverly coined “Squatember” which is doing the 6000 in 30 days squat plan, that I have heard about from my fb fitness friends. I would certainly be lucky if I could get to 3000 this month, easily 1000 if I did 40 a day starting today. Perhaps, “Squatober” instead and have a banging booty for Halloween slutty costumes? Maybe, just maybe. Last night’s grocery shopping  unintentionally Whole30 approved even though I am drinking dairy with my coffee now, it seems as if I don’t really want to buy bread products, and I am having fun making my own, even if that is discouraged, I am not really tempted to buy stuff like this:

However, my boyfriend bought us “Redneck Sushi” from Zen and it was so tasty! Seriously if you are in the Austin area and you want to go to a cheap place that has a fusion twist on Japanese and Tex-Mex, it is freaking awesome. It sounds like that wouldn’t work,  but it seriously does:

I don’t know how to take very good pictures on my phone, the lighting was much warmer, but I am not sure what the best ISO settings are to get a softer tone and, how to better angle the camera for a well composed shot. If I had any extra money, that is what I would spend it on is photography lessons (oh and a new camera, as I had sold my DSLR back when I didn’t know I wanted to be a food/fitness blogger)

By the way it is National Yoga Month, and in Austin, it was Free Day of Yoga on Labor day, which of course, I missed because I was stuffing my face full of nachos at the movie theater, and shortly after that I slept for 16 hours until I had to come to work yesterday. Living the dream. There may be some yoga events that I can attend, but since I already have my membership to Sunstone, I think it might be redundant unless I can take some classes on Tuesday and Thursday!  Not to sound like an old person, but it is too damn hot in this town for it being so close to fall. Even though it is a temptation to eat, drink, and be fatty, I cannot wait for the winter. Especially, for walking it will be much better than this:

Saturday, it should rain, but these triple digit temperatures are for the birds, kinda makes me wonder why I pay for hot yoga at all, when I could just do the asanas outside with the same sweaty effect.

Whole 30 – Day 30

Not really sure what the deal with my appetite is. Feeling pretty icky because of womantimes, sure you appreciated that oversharing. I am so close, yoga yesterday no post, more of the same stuff. Except I think with the omission of my avocados and coconut cream with my coffee, I have been feeling the lack of calories and my body is screaming for some food, for the past 4 or so days, I have been feeling like this:

It hasn’t been all terrible. Last night, I cooked the rest of my bounty (save for the corn) from the YummyFarms delivery.





Purreed tomatoes, a serrano, and a bell pepper  with a splash of vinegar to make the base for the chicken. It has been great to be creative in the kitchen, but ultimately I miss this:

This has been forbidden due to its sugar content. Miss Fruity pants does not have much of a case against added sugars in thing when I have been drinking smoothies like it is going out of style. I have already decided that I will make this a Whole 31 because it seems right to complete the whole month of August with the meal plan and then I can weigh myself once all of my water weight has been successfully flushed. Plus it is a holiday weekend, and well I haven’t been to church (aka: Barcelona, aka Mad Classy, aka dubsteps and drankz!!) in a while.  Come on Lauren, you have to remind yourself you are not 21, but actually 31. This is always a depressing conversation to have with myself, wild woman to wifey material.

Moodiness aside, I still try to cultivate my creative side, oh and to make myself feel a bit better for slacking yet again on the workout, for shame, for shame. Word maps are a fun little artistic way to display what your word frequency is for blogging that is based on actual facts rather than self-defined tags. Here is the one I got from Wordle:

Yesterday, I forgot my FitBit, so the numbers were going to be low, and the day before I left my key fob for the apartment’s gym, so without my beloved air conditioner, treadmill, and television, it was absolutely unheard of to actually get the steps. Yeeeah, that’s the ticket, can’t walk without a treadmill.  Well, this has been painful to write just in that uninspiring, crampy, complainy, and defeated by fruit sort of way. Whole 60, here I come (unless I dive face first into a Whataburger Patty Melt) It is funny, the more I think about digressing from my new found clean eating lifestyle, the less it really appeals to me. Do I really want to gain the possibly 20 pounds that I have lost by cutting out all those nasty things. Not, no, but HELL no! We will see what I feel like tomorrow at midnight.

Day Twenty-Five

A very sartorial Saturday. A little bit discombobulated from the day. Always happens towards the evening, no need for a lecture, I know I am well under my caloric requirement, but my thighs don’t seem to think so, kidding but not really. Feel like a real blogger this week. Just got some SWAG from Brooke at Sweats & Sweets probably going to be putting them on my boots, or saving them for when I have black sneakers, because I think my New Balances look pretty rad with the neon yellow:

Here are the laces:

Anyway, in other fashion news in the laurenverse, look at these kewt size 2-4 skirts I can now pimp:

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