Clearing out the clutter

Second day of Squatober, and boy are my hammies screaming. Surprisingly my glutes are not very sore at all, perhaps they are as lifted as they are going to get from all the stairs and the dancing. Insomnia struck again this morning, not sure what time, but it was still dark out, so it probably was around 4:30 or 5 am. This is for the birds, it is keeping me from getting to my 7:30 class, really just considering of cancelling the membership if I can’t make it to the class, on the weekdays or weekends, but I don’t want to feel like a quitter either. 4 weeks or 28 days until Halloween, if I put my efforts towards attending class from tomorrow onward, I can get an orange focus bracelet from Sunstone, because I really need to get past the vagina chakra (what? I am not making this up!) Urrrgah, legs are really sure, not sure how I am going to dance tonight, but I will certainly try. Want to find the best mix of hard music and rhythm so that I am not just flailing around, but I am simply better than Gangham style.

Last night, I got rid of a slue of books/magazines and sold (if you really want to call it that) them to Half Priced Books for $6. On the bright side, they were kinda just taking up space in the office, but man, I was really hoping for at least $10, come on, no one wants to buy a Flash 8 book? Yeah, pretty much all outdated software, and some fitness books. I imagine by how many copies of some of their fitness books, that they are highly devalued,  just economics, baby.  But, hey, after a few days of clean-ish eating I was able to get back to 120.8 this morning. Freaking sodium, I knew I did consume a lot with the foods this weekend, but I didn’t think I would retain 3 pounds of water. My belly even looked bloated, really sure that was actual fat, and some of it is, but my clothes do feel a bit loser today than they did on Sunday. No more Chinese takeout for me, well unless I want to freak out for a few days about my weight, and who really needs that?  One bit of complaint is that my arms feel way too soft, like I feel like if I wagged them really hard I could use them as propellers and take them to Japan without having to worry about airfare! (it is one of my goals this birth year to go to another continent) Perhaps, a Curlvember?

I do eat a lot of stir-fry when I cook.  Because I try to stick with mostly paleo at least at home, I don’t make the yummy yummmmy fried rice that we get from the takeout. Even with the effort of having to get the groceries and cook for yourself, there is a bit of advantage when you have the control of cooking it by yourself. I have not gotten the trick of sauce yet, however with clean ingredients. For example, I tried to get a beef/broccoli base with ingredients such as coconut aminos, coconut flower, olive oil, and coconut oil. I think if I would have actually started cooking the broccoli sooner, the sauce would have not burned and I would have a better consistency, so yes the sauce became a little bit clumped (probably should have not added the almond meal, either), however the taste was good and that is really what matters, right?:


Winner Winner, Poached Chicken Dinner!

Why oh why are both of my hamstrings sore today.  I slept most of Sunday and I don’t remember doing much of anything except for punching my car  out of frustration when I left my keys at the spice counter at the grocery store  and I was so distraught I couldn’ t imagine that it would take a while for someone to bring them to the lost and found (btw car one, my hand zero, no broken bones, but I clearly bruised my pinky finger)

So, to combat the lazies I had decided to cook the vegetables on Friday, and then for the mashed sweet potatoes, I boiled them while I was poaching the chicken. I got this recipe and used it. Forgot to add the lemon, but it was still yummy even with just the bay leaves, also added some rosemary because it just seemed like it would  add a good flavor.  So the second time around, I will use the lemons. I believe poaching is my favorite way to cook chicken. All the succulence of sauteing with the ease of baking. There is a little bit of prep work with the broth, but it is incredibly easy, in my view, plus you can make different dishes with the chicken once cooked. I have never tried making a chicken salad, but it might be time for me to try that!

With the mystery sore muscles and imaginary cinder blocks strapped to my ankles and eyelids today, hot yoga this morning was not happening. Someone decided to delete my Insanity workouts from the hard drive, so I had to re-obtain them, heh heh heh, “RRRRRRR”.  I cried this morning coming to work, because it really just seems that all I do anymore is work and fight with my boyfriend. I wish things could get easier, but it always seems like I make such bad decisions based on bad advice and then I am forced to be the one that takes full responsibility just because I happen to make more money. Could I be anymore vague?

My womantimes are about to happen, again sure y’all wanted to have this information. I wish things were somehow less stressful, but it never ends. I am in such a precarious position with my money, if i were to be fired, I would be so screwed.  I have considered selling my car, just to put some ease on the bills I am having to pay, but then I would have to walk in triple digit heat or freezing ass cold (if we happen to get a bad winter) to work, or worse live near my job and trust me, that would be fucking dreadful. Sorry to complain about these first world problems, but right now I have zero money and I know it is my fault, but I feel like it isn’t all my fault, if that makes any sense.

Whole 30, Day 19

This weekend has been pretty productive, and yes I was a bit lazy yesterday, and if by lazy you mean cleaning up the kitchen, cooking, meal planning, grocery shopping, kickboxing, and yoga, then yes I was a bit lazy for not posting. (oh and I caught an episode of Awkward on Hulu). Decided finally to get down to making this program work for me and not be so reliant on sugars even if from fruit to get through the day, and with the exception of the morning kombucha, I was pretty successful. Another thing which I forgot to post about was some food hacks I have learned through experimentation, and invention. I present to you some thing that I figured out to get iced coffee that is creamy without adding dairy. Hint, you buy this at the Vietnamese Grocery store, it is about $3. The reason why I say invention is that I noticed after I bought this that there was a sticker that said this product would need to be used by 3 days, and if you notice on the bottom, there is about 33 ounces of this.

Coconut Cream

Had to figure out some way to preserve this, naturally the freezer comes to mind so voila:

I have to give my bf credit for coming up with the idea of putting them into ice trays, but it was a very successfully executed experiment, more actions shots:

Not so sure what the calorie count is because the box did not have nutritional information, but according to MFP raw coconut cream is about 90 calories per tablespoon and that is high but not surprising since the coffee has a bit of an oil slick to it once the cubes have melted, kinda like an executive coffee vegan style.

So, one of the criticisms by the uninformed about the challenge is that it is an “Atkins apologist”. Now, this is kinda stupid. Yes, I have read stuff by Gary Taubes and others who promote eating mostly eggs, cheese, and lots of meat, and even tried it myself. It was not very pleasant for me, and needed some more carbs to make me not wanting to stab someone in the face with a fork. Now, I do agree with the carbohydrate curve, which according to is the notion to stay in the sweet spot of burning calories from fat and not sugar, you should stay under 100 grams of carbohydrate  and that is what I have been doing and what has really been working for me. 20 grams which is what Taubes recommends is pretty extreme and nearly impossible to eat any kind of vegetables, plus and I know this is TMI, it plugs you up like a damn stopper.  If you stay within the range of 50-100 grams, you can eat a lot more veggies and even a modest amount of fruits. I wanted to really show that my diet isn’t just a bunch of meat, in fact it mostly plant-based, but yes I have some yummy free-range and grass fed flesh to go with my greens:

Paleo grocery list

In their full glory, sorry for the bad lighting:

Eating this way certainly is more visually appealing as you can see. It really does go back to the old saying “You are what you eat”. My skin and hair look more vibrant and I feel less sluggish than when I ate a diet rich in Vitamin TC (taco cabana I will always hold a place in my heart for you) As I have really been addicted to movement lately, posting this and  trying to wrangle all of these pictures in WP has been a bit of a challenge and equalled more ass in the chair time, so I must get up and do something, perhaps this will be a double post day, but probably not, much to restless for that!

Day One

The journey begins. While anxiously awaiting for my Fit Bit to arrive, my quest to get sexy and fit does not wait, so despite getting a nifty flower for my accomplishments, I get sweaty and gross. Does cleaning count for exercise, Fitocracy doesn’t think so, but MFP counts it, so at least there is that. The “BodyRock” attempt was a moderate success, in that I did not have the equipment necessary such as the weighted ball to really make use of it. Also, I did not record my scores for the time. Note for next workout, and also go to our shoebox gym for the medicine ball. Standard walks around the building give me a slight caloric edge.

Speaking of calories, so far so good. Well maybe not so good, according to MFP, I have only consumed about 775 of the recommended 1200. This doesn’t surprise me, even though I ate half a snack bag of chili cheese frito’s, I still only had a smoothie for dinner and very little  lunch. Will probably need to eat a second time later, probably chicken. This is the attempt of mine to maintain eating “normal” after my multiple 1000 calorie days last week. The 5-day fast forward from the Cinch plan by Cynthia Sass was awesome for losing bloatiness of sodium  and shedding a few pounds, but highly unsustainable and not really sure I am digging the rest of the book. Definitely a good easy plan to follow (only 5 things: eggs, spinach, almonds, raspberries, and yogurt) for looking good on beach vacation, but as with all crash diets, never something to do long term.

In other news, learning to code Javascript. This would be something I could never do when cutting calories. In my experience, my brain will not motivate me to do anything unless it has a little bit of sugar. Jackie Warner can demonize it all she wants to, but she doesn’t work in IT, I do. At least instead of reaching for the oh so yummy high fructose corn syrup (oh that makes you not able to learn, did you hear? – google it) I opt for things like fruit and you better never ever tell me to give up my coffee, goddamnit.  Was able to give up Diet Coke for a week, back on the wagon, but refocusing on cutting out the alcohol. Hey you got to have one vice, right? After the birthday, also determined to quit smoking once and for all. Not going to lie, having a SO who puffs regularly makes it quite difficult.

Otherwise, just tired, hopefully the HIIT style workouts and a renewal to my health/wellness will make me feel better and what is the point of anything unless it makes you feel good, right?