Day Three

It is a beautiful morning in Austin TX, you know before it approaches triple digits during the middle of the day! 14 more pounds until my GW, as suspected just needed to do some penance from my Sunday brunch to get the weight back down to desired. No drinks or dining this weekend (nevermind the fact that I would be too broke anyway!) “CHAOS” class from CGArena was terrible wonderful. Strangely enough way more sore in the hamstrings then the upper body, but really achey all over, that’s good, right?

It sucks that they are so expensive, though, the LivingSocial deal allowed me to have 20 classes for only $29, but it would normally be around $65, so that is obviously a bit out of my budget. At any rate, I will be able to take 19 more classes this month and enjoy the benefits and then continue with my at-home fitness. Following my motto, “sweat every day”, looking forward to some strength training plus boxing at 6:00 pm. Yay, the fitbit finally shipped, hopefully Monday it will finally be here.

Sleep, what can I say about it that is interesting? Weird dreams and waking up thorughout the night. Getting 7ish hours is pretty good, wish I could have made it to the 6am cycle class, but I felt like nailed to my bed this morning, gotta love those DOMS. As I have gotten older the idea of waking up at 5:00 actually does appeal to me. The night owl thing is okay when you are in college, but really what is there to do after midnight besides watch Netflix or drink (or both)? However, being an early riser is challenging, especially in the summer. There is daylight until 9 pm, and so you get to enjoy about one hour of nightfall before you have to sleep at 10, and with that schedule you only get 7 hours, so it is tough, but this may be all that I need.

So, I need to get back to work, and I guess tomorrow after hot yoga/cycling, I will discuss stress reduction!

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