Not dead, just a sad panda

That is kinda usual for me though. Been writing, but not publishing anything. Haven’t been eating the best just because of my new dog. Lucy, the Jack Russell, is the light in my otherwise dreary existence

Yep, excuses. The budget has been tight, so there has been a lot of pasta eating and more fast-food than I would like to admit. Have been trying to track my food, but it is not the best. However,  in fitness wins, I did do about an hour of dog walking on Monday, so that was pretty cool. Yesterday and today have been rainy and cold, so no walking, but hopefully, I will drag my ass back into the gym.

In other bumming out news, I got a rejection from the Greatist ambassador program. At least they sent me some positive feedback for my blog, which is more than I can say for other people. Oh well, so if you happen to be a reader, and were wondering what was the lack of posts, its kinda been hectic on the homestead with the dog, but I have had some personal problems to deal with as well, so I need to get those out on paper, even if it just for myself.  More positive things to come, I promise.


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